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  1. Thankful Thursday 10/22

    Today I'm thankful for my artistic talent and all the art supplies I can afford to have. There is no such thing as too many art supplies! Pencils, pens, decorative tape, paper punches, stickers, stamps. You name it I probably have it. Recently, I've been too depressed or even awake to create something new. I feel even worse knowing that I'm "wasting" my talent and doing nothing. I bought an adult coloring book (surprisingly popular!) a few weeks ago which has helped release some negative ...
  2. TestJust

    Just seeing how this works
  3. Thankful Thursday 9/10

    Is it thursday already?? I feel like I just posted this blog a few days ago! Times flies.

    Today I'm thankful for television. Watching Tv makes me forget about the struggles of everyday life. New seasons start this month! What are your favorite shows to watch? I'm currently watching Ellen as I type this. She had Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai as a guest yesterday. I was so inspired by her story, I'm very interested in reading her book.

    I always watch The Tonight ...
    Thankful Thursday
  4. Thankful Thursday 9/3

    What am I thankful for today?

    Today I'm thankful for the bookstore & all the billions of books there are to read! At the rate that I've been reading lately I should probably check out the library instead of spending money at the bookstore. However, the bookstore changes their bargain rack every week or two and surprisingly there are some good ones to choose from for under $6! Incredible bargain price compared to the usual $15.99 book. The highlight of my day is a visit to the bookstore. ...
  5. Thankful Thursday

    Welcome to my newest blog! Please join this weekly blog post with me.

    Today I'm thankful for my husbands career. He is a Co-manager at a grocery store. He just received his yearly raise and it's the highest he's gotten so far! He is very dedicated and works hard. Just like any other job there are good days and bad days. He is often too hard on himself and I constantly remind him that he does the best he can. He deserves this and I'm very proud of him

    I'm also thankful ...
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