Creon causing reflux?

My son, now 18, has had reflux for the last year or so. Before this he never had this problem.

It occurred to me that the reflux started around the time Creon production changed hands. First he stopped the 40 000 ones and was fine with the 25 000, but I think at that time they were still manufactored by the previous company. Now the 25 000s also cause reflux. I think there was an issue with complying to some efficacy standards so they had to change the formulation.

Has anybody else noticed this? And more importantly, which enzymes are you happy with?

Thank you!


I've never had an issue with enzymes and reflux, however, acid reflux can become a much bigger issue when it comes to lung health. If gets out of hand and uncontrolled it can get worse and lead to more frequent IV antibiotics. The acid can get into the lungs. Make sure you bring this up to his doctors and GI team so they can stay on top of it.