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Thread: sore muscles from coughing.

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    sore muscles from coughing.

    My back has been sore from coughing. i was wondering what you do when you get sore muscles from coughing all the time!!

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    Once in a while my husband will rub my back to ease my sore muscles from coughing. When he isn't available I will do a warm bath or a warm heating pad on my back and shoulders.
    Sometimes it gets to be too much and I will take 1-2 Advil to help with the discomfort. Doesn't ease the cough but helps the muscles some.

    Wish this worked better on my sore ribs.

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    sore muscles from coughing.

    I'm having the same issue with the sore muscles. I using a heat pad on my back off and on. I also have a heated massage chair cover and if the regular heating pad doesn't work, I'll use the heated massage and that usually works pretty well.

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    I get extremely tight muscles in my back, neck, and shoulders and it can be very painful. I usually take 3-4 Advil, a warm bath, and massage my shoulders myself. If I wasn't single, I'd be making my spouse do it Also a hot shower can help if I just let the hot water run over my back. I'll sometimes put IcyHot on my back and it seems to help a bit.

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    2 advil before going to bed

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    Might check it out to see if it isn't a rib out of place. I thought it was muscles when I was in the hospital, but turned out to be a rib out of place.

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    We actually use the vest (air clearance therapy machine) on a lower setting and this seems to massage my son's chest and back which relieves sore muscles better than anything else. This plus hot baths, ibuprofen or alleve (but watch that it doesn't upset your stomach) and hot showers all seem to help a little bit. The vest on 30% seems to really help. We usually use it at 90% for mucus clearing.

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    You can boil a pot of water and put a towel in it. Get another towel (a dry one) and wrap it around your chest and back. Put the hot wet one on top and let it sit for no more than 20 minutes. It will be cold by then, anyway.

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    I found six shots of Jamison, and a twelve pack of beer, andI donít feel anything. Okay I got my joke aside before everybody gets all serious on me. Actually, I do the heating pad and Motrin (Advil upsets my stomach) and hot showers are my best friend. I buy the big bottles of Motrin and I keep a little bottle filled with them so I can keep them handy at work. One day at work (I work in construction) I popped a couple of Motrin, within an hour I felt great, my muscle pain was gone in my back, and my knee joints did'nt hurt and I hada ton of energy. I got home and started writing down the lot number on my Motrin bottle because I was going to the store and buying all I could find. At dinner I announced my plans, and my wife and two daughters glance around at each other and they start to smirk, then giggle finally laughing till they were in tears. When they finally calmed down I found out that my (then) fourteen year old daughter was embarrassed to carry around a big bottle of pampran (I know I spelt that wrong and you know what it is for) so she adopted my Motrin bottle trick. Long story short that stuff works! Though the docís may disagree with the caffeine amount, but I out worked everybody that day.
    Best of Luck

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    thanks! all those things helped!

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