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    Heat Rash? (variant, mild CF)

    Hey there! I also have what is considered a mild case of CF. I had similar symptoms as you in my youth and wasn't fully diagnosed until just a few years ago. I have one mutation and a 5T variant. My sweat has always been very salty, and I am able to rust "stainless" steel with my touch. I have...
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    Infant diagnosed-Confused-Hurting

    Hi, I'm 36 years old and have CF. I was diagnosed at age 34 while enlisted in the Marine Corps. I'm happily married and the wife and I are trying to save up for IVF one day. Just like many others on the forum have already said, keep your chin up! Having CF doesn't mean your child can't live a...
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    Anyone diagnosed after 30

    I was diagnosed last year at age 34 due to infertility. I was frequently ill growing up and always under-sized and under-weight for my age. I struggled with pneumonia, sinusitis, and bronchitis, along with digestive issues of gas and constipation. Strangely, I have been much healthier as an...
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    New with questions

    I am half Chinese with a mild form of CF. I have L467P from my Caucasian mother and a 5T variant from my Chinese father. I was diagnosed at age 34 last year while I was being tested for fertility issues. My wife and I are considering adopting from China as well, since she carries one CF gene...
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    Cold nose

    My wife teases me that I have a puppy-dog nose. It is almost always cold and a little damp. It's embarrassing because I don't always know that it is on the verge of running.
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    Maui Living Furniture to help CFers

    Full disclosure: This is my family business - Maui Living Furniture. I'm not looking for sales referrals, just people in Hawaii who have CF and need a mattress that is free of all petrochemicals and flame-retardant chemicals. Both are highly toxic and are especially dangerous to those of us...
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    How can I lose fat safely?

    If you do decide to start targeting your abs with crunches, etc, please be sure to do some back exercises as well. Like Twistofchaos said above, you want a strong, balanced core. If any muscle groups are drastically stronger than others, you risk injury that can follow you around for life. Take...
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    Gross, embarrassing things that come with CF!

    +1 for foul and frequent gas, surprise projectile mucus, and clogging toilets. Let me add that I hate having constant congestion and more boogers than anyone I've ever known, even when I'm "healthy." Seems like I must have been a puppy in a past life since my nose is always slightly wet from...
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    Hawaii and high liver enzymes

    I was an active duty Marine and got care at Tripler AMC. The team there is awesome. My experience suggests that it is the best part of the hospital, actually. With the other departments, you might actually be better served finding a local civilian practitioner. But Dr Gross and the rest of...
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    lung function

    35 year old male, 95% FEV1. Down from 102% last year when I was still in the Marine Corps and doing physical training every day. I need to get back into shape. :P
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    CF stools

    Thanks everyone for your responses! I misunderstood how to take the enzymes. I thought I only needed them with fatty foods, not everything. Bill, I'll try what you said about dosing and up the dosage little by little until the symptoms go away. Once my new insurance is in place and I have a new...
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    CF stools

    Ok, I don't really like talking about my bowel movements and such, but I've found that I must do it in my continued search for answers about my CF. So much of what I've experienced seems to go against "normal" CF. Yes, I know there really isn't any norm and that every case is different. Here's...
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    Just wrote a book about my struggle with CF and how I dealt with it. I am 34 years ol

    I bought and read it. Thank you for opening your personal life to us that way. I pray that you will continue to uplift others with your positive attitude. :)
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    Rare Mutation - Help

    Hey Kevin_A, I am now 35, but was diagnosed in February of this year while I was still 34. I was in my fifth year of active duty military service in the Marine Corps by the time I found out I have CF. I'm out of the service now, but it just goes to show that every CF case is different. Mine was...
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    Taking Pulmozyme? Yes or No.

    Was on it earlier this year after original diagnosis. After about 6 weeks, the doctor said it wasn't really making a difference for me, so I haven't taken it since maybe the beginning of April. I do, however, have several boxes of it in my fridge in case I need it later. Although I am now out of...