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    How many CFers are 55 and older??What is your age if you do not mind telling us? :))

    Hi there, I am Joni 61 y/o .. I was dxd @ 44 y/o but was sick w/ cf symptoms starting at about the age of 16.. I was a skinny little girl & had some heath issues younger than that , but cf really started rearing its ugly head when I was 16.
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    Blogs Archives

    Wow, Looking over some old blogs brought back many memories .. Ty for posting this ..
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    In a bad place and could use some reassuring.

    Hi Rosie, It is normal to feel down every so often when dealing w/ CF. Have you thought of seeking professional help ? I did after I had renal failure & it did help me. Is there anyone you can talk to about how you are feeling ? Maybe a Priest/Rabbi ? A close relative ? You shouldn't...
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    Urgent! Need to find better Adult CF Center

    Hey Leo, Welcome to :) I asked one of my southern Cysters about her center , here's the info .. There are only 2 Cf centers in Alabama- the Adult CF clinic at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham- Kirkland Clinic building) and the children's clinic at Childrens Hospital (also in...
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    Severe asthma causing more trouble than typical exacerbations

    Good question... I will be looking forward to answers. My only bad experience w/ a asthmatic exacerbation was when my dr. wanted to stop my Advair to see how I could handle it. I ended up in hospital for a week on IV steroids ..
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    ENT visit for CF what to expect

    I would think your new ENT will want a CT scan of your sinuses. Did you get scoped by your previous ENT ? If not you probably will. They spray something in your nose to numb you. Then stick a scope in (it shouldn't hurt) & can see a lot plus get cultures if need be. Sometimes besides oral...
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    Got married!! ((health issue with home))

    Sorry, No ideas .. I just wanted to congratulate you guys on getting married ! Glad to hear Lucas is home (although I didn't know he wasn't lol) Take care Betty :)
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    What Do You Do When You Forget Enzymes?

    Tell everyone to run for cover lol
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    Heaven gained another angel today..Dalton Dingus

    Dalton Dingus passed away today :( My thoughts & prayers are with his family & friends.. Breathe easy little one (U)
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    Women-- Where to do find jeans??

    I have similar problems. I have bought the strechie skinny jeans which i love. I also bought a pair of bell bottom maternity jeans that look great on me ! I didn't want to go that route but finally did & as long as the shirt/sweater is long enough its fine :)
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    DIOS/partial blockage & admission

    Hey Leah, So glad you didn't have to have surgery ! Ty God ! I had a similar experience last Christmas. 2 days before Christmas Eve I was in terrible pain. Went to my local hospital (big mistake) & it was discovered I had a blockage. Thank God the surgeon that i was assigned listened to...
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    Where do I stand..

    Every CFer is different. And there are so many things in our lives that can cause different problems. I guess my questions to you would be, Are you happy w/ your dr./clinic ? Are you being compliant w/ your treatments ? Are you exercising ? Even w/ doing EVERYTHING Possible we can still...
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    I'm back if anyone remebers me lol

    Hi Ben ! Welcome back :)
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    Today is my Birthday ..

    I wish i had the magic answer for that Chrissy, but I dont think there is an answer .. I was a late diagnosis.. I do try to be as pro active as possible. I am currently in a pulmonary rehab program, I think exercise is SO important. I have loving & supportive family & friends & most of all...
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    Feeling down about kids

    I had my first 2 sons when I was 23/27 & my last 2 sons when I was 38/41 ! I wasn't dxd until I was 44 , so in a way it was a blessing in disguise that I didn't know I had CF at that time because I don't know if the outcome would have been the same. Just sayin' if you are "healthy" & your drs...