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    Just looking for teens my age

    Hi my name is Kayla and I am 18 with CF. If you ever want to talk just message me. :)
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    Anybody in Flordia?

    Tallahassee was were I was going to move to go to Florida state university. How is Tallahassee for weather? Hurricanes?
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    side effects from ceftazadime, please help very scared!

    I have been on it and all it did to me was make me kind of sick and a little shaky other than that you should be fine. You get over it after a while.
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    Anybody in Flordia?

    I am thinking about moving to Florida to go to college and I wanted to know what the health care is like. If you could give me some information that would be great thank you!
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    Seattle Washington

    I am thinking of moving to Seattle, but I dont know what the health care is like. Anyone live there?
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    Conversation starters???

    I'm just bored and would really like to talk to someone on here and maybe make a few friends My name is Kayla and I'm 17 years old. I like to sing, dance, draw, swim, run, act, and I plan on going to school in Seattle when I get out of high school for theater. I have reddish purple hair even...
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    Questions for the guys!!!!

    I would like to know about guys with CF. I have talked to girls and being a girl myself it kinda gets old. I want to know what its like on a guy. My name is Kayla, I just want to know what your meds are and what treatments you have to do. Also how many times a year do you go to the hospital...
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    Wanting to find other teens to talk to with CF.

    Just messege me and I would love to talk to any of you. My name is Kayla and I am 17 years old with really bad health at the moment but Im not gonna go out that easy!!!!! Just keep saying that and you will go so far!! I WONT GO OUT THAT EASY!!!! Cant wait to talk to you guys!!
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    Just have a few questions.

    I have no intention on getting pregnant anytime soon. I just had questions, it is very far down the list of things I want to do. Thank you for help though.
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    Does your acapella ever give you trouble?

    You might just want to get a new one if you can.
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    Help me please!!!

    You dont have it. if you did you would be dead now do to no treatments. I found out i had cf when i was 2 months old and im still really messed up from it..
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    Just have a few questions.

    Thats awesome. im happy for you!! My doctors have always told me that it was going to be hard to have a baby. I keep tell them that Im not going to let that stop me. I hope all goes well for you Kimberly! :)
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    Touching story about a boy with CF.

    I cried... i am so happy that he got what he wanted in the end.:)
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    Just have a few questions.

    My name is Kayla, im 17 and just want to know how hard is was to get pregnant with CF? I am not trying too or anything like that but i want to know for future reference.. Please and thank you.
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    How do i deal with bullies at school that make fun of me for haven cf

    People who think we are freaks for having what we have are in no need of our friendship!!! thats all i have to say :) hope your ok