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    Hypertonic Saline Backordered

    Yes. Pharmacy decided to swith me to 3% normal saline for injection in 15ml vials, as if it was the same thing! Then they lied about it and said it was what the doctor had ordered for me. I've been told there is a 3.5% hypertonic solution available.
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    do you have medicare and are on trikafta?

    I signed up at 'register' to apply and create an account. I haven't tried to get a reimbursement yet, I'm just getting things set up for next year.
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    Creon vs Zenpep

    i've done much better on zenpep. creon gave me several bouts with fibrosing colonopathy and constant bloating. zenpep is much better. understanding the fat contents of what you are eating and how many pills of which strength to address the fats consumed is of great importance. i have two...
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    We remember Jazzysmom. 5 years

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    do you have medicare and are on trikafta?

    What insurance plans are you on that cover trikafta while on Medicare? Or did you give up Medicare to take a separate policy?
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    Trikafta with no purge???

    been on trikafta for almost a year, no purge.
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    Am I tired of this work?

    Thank you Imogene!
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    Beth Sufian's guide to insurance

    The link no longer was working
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    Abilify and Trikafta?

    what does the PDR day about abilify . An austistic child my not be capable of voicing concerns when they've experienced side affects! kalydeco is in the PDR. but not trikafta yet.
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    Inhaled Tobi vs. Tobramycin

    Ask the Dr to mark your perscription for TOBI as 'medically necessary' 'dispense as written'. The insurance company and state laws allow for the substitution of drugs for generics if they don't mark it as dispense as written. i've found the generic tobramycin, depending on the manufacturer...
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    High Cholesterol on trikafta?

    I have a similar experience. Dizziness too!
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    Scared about the future?

    what if tomorrow comes? What if tomorrow comes? All your life you're told, that you will never grow too old. Your life defined by a DNA strand, mutated uncontrolled. "Don't expect to be able to do, like others without this disease." "You can't", "You shouldn't", "You must not", of these we...
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    Looking for CF doctor in Southwest Florida

    Dr. Daniel Layish - Orlando Fl. - Tell him his 60 yr old non-compliant obese cf patient sent you (That's what TGH Tampa CF Clinic said about me when they refused me to come to their tampa clinic.) Dr. Layish has been...
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    Creon 24

    Here is a description of "Zenpep (pancrelipase) is a combination of three enzymes (proteins): lipase, protease, and amylase. These enzymes are normally produced by the pancreas and are important in the digestion of fats, proteins, and sugars." Opinion Only! - Yeah, it was 'common' that the...
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    Change in prescription category for Creon

    try switching to zenpep switch to Zenpep. looks like it should be on the formulary. ok, the link didn't work...