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    Medsystems Electro 5000

    I have 3 insurance(s) and none want to pay. I looked online at Medrise and saw they cut the price from $5000 to $2750. The vest no longer benefits me, so I use one of those old old hand held percussor. I received my Hill Rom VEST in 2007, and as the years went by, it became less effective...
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    50 PSI Compressor--Bunn or Mobilaire?

    I see that no one has replied to your question. I, myself, would like to get a more reliable and a much faster output of the breathing meds. I currently have a standard 35 PSI nebulizer, and I can onlly feel it going to the upper part of the lung quadrants<<<(I think that's how you...
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    Question about diabetes testing

    I think I would get a 2nd opinion unless this doctor specializes in CF related diabetes. Then again, I would still want a 2nd opinion. Never heard about checking to see if you have diabetes via chip.
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    CFFT Announces $58 Million CF Drug Discovery Agreement with PFIZER

    Totally agree with you and bigstar....don't forget it also comes down to the $$$$$$$. It's not sad, it's evil
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    Frustration with friends and family

    I think it's time to do a family intervention, even if it takes a psychologist to be part of it. Godspeed on getting the help and/or the point across to your family.
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    Fall over tired, and have no energy. Kind of scaring me

    Have you had blood work to check your iron and potassium? Our body uses every calorie, muscle, etc. just to breathe and that itself will make you tired.
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    Part B Medicare Nebulized Drugs

    I would check with Medicare Part B online/phone/etc. and try to get all u can before "obamacare" takes effect. People with chronic diseases like CF will be the first to feel the effects of trying to get meds filled/approved/etc.
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    sore muscle from coughing vs coughin a rib out of place

    My left chest wall/ribs stick out more than the right side. This is an on-going everyday issue for the past 6 years. I use Lidoderm patches everyday, heating pad, and pain meds. None of my doctors can explain it, which, if they really took the time and did an MRI, they would know. What it is...
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    Kicked out of school for being a CF carrier???

    I didn't watch the whole video, but I hope the school board was sued by the ADA. This is ridiculous and something I would like to share on FB
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    lung function

    44 years old, double delta, and my FEV1 is 20%
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    I have 2 from over 20 years ago. I plan on getting one to represent 65 roses. If you are on the transplant list, I would not get one. Also, if you have cultured/colonized MRSA, doctors worry about that also.
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    more phlegm at home than in hospital

    It happens to me every time. It takes a week of all the breathing treatments & CPT before I can cough anything up. I guess we are more exposed to irritants at home than the hospital, where they keep it freezing cold (so those bugs can't travel around)
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    more phlegm at home than in hospital

    This happens to me every time. I don't if it's because I live in an order home or whatnot. Of course, the hospitals keep it freezing cold so no germ can "stay alive". BUT, yes, i do cough more phlegm up at home than i do at the hospital. You are not alone.
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    CF adults life

    <strong>First of all, be yourself!!!! There are so many different degrees of severity of CF. Such as, I have the Double Delta gene (which is the worst ones to have). Most ppl that have that gene combo don't make it out of their 20's and here I am 43 years old. Surround yourself with positive and...
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    Pink Floyd

    <strong>I love listening to Pink Floyd. My favorite cd is THE WALL</strong>