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    f508 and 5T - looking for CRMS experiences

    Hi! My son has a CRMS dx. He just turned 5. We are still pretty grey. He goes to clinic every 3 months and ENT every 6. He has some milder issues but so far nothing that makes them want to change his diagnosis. His sweats are still negative. We are just plugging along. If you aren't already in...
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    I could really use some help understanding

    I would think it's because they have research that indicates neither of those genes disrupt the cftr channel individually enough to result in CF but they likely don't have any information on whether those 2 in combination with a disease causing mutation on the other allele cause disease.
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    Tracheal Tug

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about this. My 4.5 year old has a CRMS dx (1 classic CF mutation, 1 rare variable mutation, low sweat score). About 5-6 months ago I started noticing that he has a pretty prominent tracheal tug from the simplest things like talking more than...
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    ΔF508 and R334Q

    No experience with r334q but my son has df508 plus a varying consequence mutation (which I believe r334q also is) and he is also dx crms. He's 4 now and we still are living in diagnostic limbo.
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    Negative sweat chloride, cf still possible?

    My son has low sweats and 2 mutations. His diagnosis is CRMS though and not CF since his sweat is so low. While it is possible to have the genetics even with a negative sweat, USUALLY (and there are always some exceptions but almost always) a sweat that low wouldn't be associated with pancreatic...
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    Just curious differences in repeat sweat test?

    Wanted to check back - How'd the sweat test go?
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    Just curious differences in repeat sweat test?

    Ah what a shake up. You know, the thing to focus on is that IF he has CF, he's always had it. So the results are not changing anything but your awareness. All this time while you were trying to treat other symptoms they were really were missing the true cause of the problems. If the diagnosis...
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    Just curious differences in repeat sweat test?

    My son has had 5. They have all been within 10 points of each other. The second one was a few points higher than his first but then the 3rd was actually his lowest and the 4th was a little higher than the 3rd and 5th a little higher than the 4th (but still lower than the first 2!) I have heard...
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    scared - newly found out i had 2 CFTR mutations

    Thank you for updating! I find your situation to be very interesting since you have the same mutations as my son. I have to imagine there must be other genetic modifiers at play for G1069R to result in disease. Will they be monitoring you moving forward or are they confident at this point you...
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    First time poster - questions!

    Staphylococcus Aureus is an incredibly common thing to show up on a throat culture. Usually clinics don't treat unless they feel the person is symptomatic. Even a large amount of people without CF carry staph so nothing to be overly alarmed about. If they feel he IS symptomatic they may...
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    First time poster - questions!

    A lot will probably come down to the genetics panel. I'm sorry they can't do the full panel straight away but hang in there. Hopefully there will be answers soon. CRMS kids do stay under clinic care as well - and yes, they typically are seen 1-2 times a year minimum (that's if there are no...
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    First time poster - questions!

    Couple things. First is that with PFTs, remember there is a learning curve and if this was his first time then I wouldn't be surprised if those scores were low estimates. The number that people use when they are referring to their lung function is going to be FEV1 so that's the one that you...
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    Premie twin with w1089x with Variant TG12-5T/TG11-7T

    5t can be disease causing when paired with a CF causing mutation. It's a complicated one. Have you looked at You'll see that the 5t variant is influenced by the TG - in your case that appears to be 12TG. There are a lot of articles about this variant out there as well at 5t is...
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    First time poster - questions!

    Next step is Genetics for sure. My son has two mutations but a low sweat test (negative actually!) and has a diagnosis of CRMS. We found out I was a carrier when I was pregnant with him. At that time they had my husband tested and he also acme back as a carrier. I did my homework and realized...
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    scared - newly found out i had 2 CFTR mutations

    How did the CT go? Hopefully no news was good news! We talked briefly as my son has the same mutations as you, OP. I'm curious if you have had sinus issues? We go to ENT next month but his pulmonary at his last clinic visit believes he has nasal polyps.