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    What to do for stay at home work?

    I love to teach but it's hard when I'm sick. I don't like to be around preschool age kids and get really tired. I am curious to know what kind of stay at home work there is that I can do without getting scammed or spend an x amount of money.
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    Coughing up blood

    Thanks for the article!
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    always sick :(

    Try doing exercise. Work up to 30 minutes. I do my best between hospital stays. Eat right. Do things that make u happy. Odd thing but do anything to lift yourself is happy.
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    Coughing up blood

    I hardly ever cough up blood. I have been on Ivs for 9 days and improving. I just started cayston again. Tonight I coughed up blood for a couple of minutes and that was the only time. What does this mean? Do I need to call the doc?
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    Coughing alot but no need for hospital. need tips/ advice on how to control it.

    I am in almost in need of a lung transplant. I don't use oxygen at home because my doctor said i don't need it and my oxygen level is still high when they do the 6 minute test. my lung functions are between 27- 30%. My problem is the weather here doesn't help my coughing. One day it is 84...
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    Something a relative said to me at a wedding -- cried myself to sleep

    I know his you feel. Others mean well but don't realize how they come across. Unfortunately these words stick with us and Alter relationships. I was trying to express my worries and concerns about transplant testing. My friend came across as being uncompassionate and point out all the things I...
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    Pleas help! Need to switch jobs to be healthier

    I'm on disability. I live at home with parents who are retired and now on a fixed income. They would help if needed but I would rather not since they have a limited income. I know I can't work after transplant but who know when that is. I would like to work so I can have money in the bank later...
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    Having a relationship with someone with Cystic Fibrosis

    Ask her questions. Talk about what you and her feel about anything and everything. Respect her feelings when she doesn't want company while she is sick. But when she does want company bring her a little something to make her smile like a little movie you two enjoy. Take baby steps with each...
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    Pleas help! Need to switch jobs to be healthier

    I am very close to having to a lung transplant. I got all the testing done to get prepared. Now it is a wait and see. The doc dropped a bombshell and recommended that I don't teach preschoolers any more due to all the sickness and my low resistance to fight off bugs. I know this will help me be...
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    Have a little fun question for your worst day being hospitalized

    How long do you do your Iv meds?
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    Have a little fun question for your worst day being hospitalized

    what is the worst day of doing hospital/iv meds? is your least favorite day your the first day of being admitted to the hospital. being released from the hospital to do home ivs or the last day of your iv meds? Why?
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    what to do when i get frustrated/sad/discouraged

    Guess I made me sound worse than I really am . I have talked to conselers and physiocist in the past And they said I have a good grip on things. I guess my point is that I get frustrated because when I finally get my energy back I get an infection. I'm sick of the whole rinse and repeat thing bc...
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    what to do when i get frustrated/sad/discouraged

    On the per issue, having a pet is discouraged for those who are close to a long transplant for sanitary reasons.
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    what to do when i get frustrated/sad/discouraged

    I know my parents want to do anything for me and have discussed my thoughts about spending their money on me. I can't stop feeling guilty and thankful. I feel guilty that they spend their limited income on me and they need that money for them if anything happens.