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    Husband in the hospital for the first time at age 30.

    wow..........I'd had collapsed lungs and several cases of pneumonia and bronchitis before I even turned 1. Pebbles8- Orkambi is not for everyone. A significant portion of the ddf508 population has a definite negative reaction to it which reduces lung function. When I reported my...
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    Do you change neb cups?

    Gammaw, the ones I use DO melt if you boil them, but not if you run them through the dishwasher or run them through a baby bottle sterilizer. I havent gotten "CF" sick I think mainly 1) luck, 2) I avoid hospitals like the plague and refuse to be an in-patient, but when I 'm there for tests I...
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    Do you change neb cups?

    Actually Gammaw, I havent gotten a CF infection for over 10 years, and I dont culture much of anything, so I must be doing something right with regard to germ management. By "infection" in my previous post, I mean a simple cold. Which I pick up several times a year because I have 2 kids who...
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    Do you change neb cups?

    The only meds I mix are hypertonic and albuterol or mucomyst and albuterol. The nebbie cup get run through the dishwasher after every use. I usually have 4-5 going at one time, and I throw them out after about 6 weeks OR if I get an infection. I throw those out and start anew once I feel I...
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    Considering 2nd adoption

    Hi there. We adopted two daughters, the first via international adoption where she was almost a year when she came home and was sleeping through the night, the second via domestic adoption where she was 10 days old. Getting enough sleep to maintain my health WAS an issue for #2. It was very...
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    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Erradicated

    This is a little bit different than what you were asking, but still relevant I think. I cultured PA when I was a child many, many times. Had countless rounds of oral and IV antibiotics. Did not get rid of it. Went in for experimental 6 week hyperalimentation treatment when I was 9. Gained...
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    body image

    trghpu1994. My eldest daughter was adopted from an orphanage as well, but at a much younger age. Where was your daughter born, if you dont mind me asking?
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    Have you improved your fev1????

    ethan- yeah, same here. It used to be that running helped clear my lungs, but when I got to a certain stage in my disease, it actually INCREASED the inflammation and made my lungs a bit worse. BUT, it greatly increased my quality of life overall since I was so much fitter. It's a weird...
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    Have you improved your fev1????

    Andy- I wish I were in the high 50's.......batting 35-37% now. Loosing roughing a percentage point every month. NOT good. But I keep trying. The kids help keep me going. And the husband. :o
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    Have you improved your fev1????

    I sort of understand where your doc is coming from. When I was at 59% (and unfit) I started working out A LOT. I built up to running a 5-10K every day PLUS swimming a mile 5X a week and biking 10-15 miles 4X a week. I went to the doc fully expecting a huge rise in FEV1. Guess what, it had...
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    For people taking Orkambi

    Yes, I had insomnia while taking Orkambi.
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    Super dry cough at night

    Drinking something supercold or eating generally helps me too. Sometimes albuterol just makes it worse, in my case. Frustrating! Makes you not want to get up and use the bathroom.....totally understand. Good luck with your pregnancy and congrats!!!!!!!
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    For people taking Orkambi

    Hey Saint, you doing OK? Ya havent posted yet today and your post from yesterday was a bit concerning.....
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    Have you stopped Orkambi because of side effects?

    I was on Orkambi for 5 weeks. My FEV1 at time of starting was 39%. I have had trouble tolerating some inhaled meds at times due to bronchospasms. I am also taken chemo meds at times to damp down a very active immune system. The initial dose almost ended my up in the hospital. My lungs filled...
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    For people taking Orkambi

    CF in texas- I took Orkambi for 5 week, then stopped. 1 week later I tried a single dose. It knocked me on my ass for almost a week. The reaction was even worse than the initial starting, like my body had time to build up antibodies or something. Now, 2 weeks after that single dose I am...