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    Rude Hospital Nurses

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    Follow up with Dr Harry

    I am so happy you ate doing well. I am glad your doctor thinks you are healthy enough to have another child. I just have some concerns I can't help express. Like others have said, if Luke really has that other mutation, then he has CF. you have to get him straight first. Having CF yourself, then...
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    Rude Hospital Nurses

    I am a Registered Nurse, currently on disability but I have had horrible horrible days at work. Not being able to breathe, infusing IVs that made me sick.. Trying to talk to my patients while gasping for air.. NEVER EVER is it okay to be rude or disrespectful to a patient ever! I am sorry that...
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    New Forums

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    cabin fever from ivs

    I still take walks. Go for a small drive to store. Do one little thing each day to get me out of the house. That usually satisfies me and wipes me out all at once!
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    Bowel Cancer and Chemotherapy

    I would find a different doctor who did know. I know we have had Cfers on here with bowel cancer, Cfers are actually at higher risk for that type of cancer. I know the Cfers here in the State did get chemo. Lots of prayers.
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    Money left to you vs Special need trust funds

    I need more info when I get it i will post back!
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    Money left to you vs Special need trust funds

    Lauren though from everything I read you can. It use the trust fund money for every day living, is that how you understand it? I emailed Beth to ask her as well. I am so confused.
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    Money left to you vs Special need trust funds

    From what I was told...the money can be designated in a special needs trust fund but google it and you will see the money can not be used for everyday living expenses......only things like furniture, cars,mohair cuts. No food clothing or paying bills with it or of course that becomes part of...
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    Donation of TWO iPad2s

    Yay, IPads are so amazing to have when you are in the hospital. What a great blessing!
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    Thanks .My magnesium was low and continues to run low...I will look into this.
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    Jonathon and Frank I can't wait to see your idea! It must be amazing!
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    Jonathon....I am sorry. I feelso bad for you and I hope your idea can remain just that your idea. Please let me know if I can do anything to promote your site would be my honor! Best of luck .
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    I can personally say when I lived in NJ I met Jeanne, her husband, her daughter Sarah and Sarah's children. I also was a part of Jeanne giving away a free bounce house to a child on here to help him do his CPT. Every time I met with Jeanne she brought me flowers, gifts, and paid for everything...
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    Praying for Micah

    My gosh they were on my heart this morning I almost posted about it to see how he was! I guess I should have been praying instead of thinking! Praying now!