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    Port infections--probiotics may cause

    Reading this caused great confusion. Apparently the terms for medical implants are not universal. When I read "port", I picture a port-a-cath, which is for INJECTIONS, not food/nutrition supplements. I would imagine putting anything not designed for injection inside a port would have nasty...
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    I was treated like a freak

    I'm not too upset about it because I understand the logic, but what makes me the most upset is that these precautions are taken to protect other people, but none were taken to protect me. My biggest issue with my CF has been since I cultured MRSA, which I got while IN the hospital, for a...
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    How do you know when you need IV antibiotics?

    This is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer, but I'll tell you what I do. I purchased my own Pulse Oximeter from amazon (they are pretty cheap, $20 or so), and whenever I'm feeling sick and pill antibiotics aren't helping, I check my o2 saturation constantly. If it drops below 90 for...
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    Just a little rant about health care workers

    I have 2-week hospital stints 2-3 times a year, and there is one problem I ALWAYS face. Not a single nurse knows how enzymes work. I take them so I can eat, I don't eat so I can take them. They constantly try to get me to take 4 Creon 24K with 2 saltine crackers. And then when someone brings me...
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    Anyone having trouble with their hospital

    Everything you said was completely reasonable, with the exception of the name thing. If you've been calling him Colton since he was 1, have you considered getting his name legally changed to that? Other than that, I would consider changing hospitals ASAP. CPS has taken children for far less...
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    What do you wear in the hostpital?

    A standard hospital gown and basketball shorts or sweatpants depending on my temp.
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    What will I so without my Albuterol for CF day?

    Why do you rarely use albuterol? Maybe I'm wrong but I thought everyone with CF used Albuterol multiple times per day.
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    Reproductive System Question

    So as far as I know, for most men with CF, the vas deferens is usually damaged, causing sterility. However, sperm is still produced. What happens to that sperm? It isn't being released, so does it just die?
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    Gross, embarrassing things that come with CF!

    When I first got the g-tube, I had the one with the permanent extension that had to be clamped and taped to the body. On my first day in high school, the clamp somehow came undone and I had formula/stomach acid all over my brand new jeans. Thankfully only one other person saw it. I am also...
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    Alternative Pain Medicine

    What state do you live in?
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    Pneumothorax: To fly or not to fly?

    I've had pneumo's a few times, and I don't think traveling would be bad, especially to a medical conference. If something goes wrong I'm sure there'd be someone around to help. One thing I'm not sure about though is the cabin pressure and high altitude in a plane. I have no idea if that could be...
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    medicare eligibility

    <div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>julie</b></i> You have to be on SSDI or over 65 to get medicare... You can be on SSDI AND get medicare and medicaid depending on family size and income You can be on SSI and medicaid, but you do NOT qualify for medicare unless you are...
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    Ever dreaded a hospital stay?

    I take my playstation 3 with me when I go in. It's perfect. Video games, bluray/dvd player, music, web browser, netflix, and wifi ready. It also has bluetooth so if you want to use wireless headphones while you're hooked up to iv's, vest, etc. you can. Plus the hospital I get admitted to just...
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    To those who have cultured MRSA..

    I get Vancomycin as well. Just got off it a couple days ago actually. I've had MRSA in my sputum for about 8 years now.
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    So you're not coughing even with the hypersal? Man that stuff gets me chokin' every time.