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    Cystic Fibrosis research project

    What a great idea for an HSC science project! I began my first genetics project in year 10 of school. To give you a sense of where the science was in 1965-66, I set out to photograph the chromosomes of the Columbine plant and hopefully determine if an anomaly (reduced spurs) in the flower was...
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    CF and the Appendix.... Chances are you have appendicitis but don't know it!

    Redonfire, I've included the literature titles and links to them. There are more out there but I don't think you'll need them. My doctor said that I had educated him about appendicitis in adult CFers and ordered a surgical consult. He's always been open to any ideas that are well supported...
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    CF and the Appendix.... Chances are you have appendicitis but don't know it!

    Redonfire, and anyone else who might need to get approval for an appendectomy, The first thing I did was convince myself that I had an appendicitis. One of the drawbacks of the information age is the ability to find out just about everything about anything and one of the bits of arcane mumbo...
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    CF and the Appendix.... Chances are you have appendicitis but don't know it!

    For too long I have been looking for relief from nausea. That was at least two years ago and it I'm sure now that it's been a significant player in my health for much longer. Being sick is just part of CF's definition, like infection, you might never know you have CF if not for chronic...
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    I'm new here (About Me)

    Until recently I have been absent for two years plus. Normally I would be welcoming you to the site. I'm an old man with CF, diagnosed by sweat chloride at age 52 which was an anomaly in 2002. Late diagnosis is not so uncommon, with a member diagnosed in his late 70's. You found a good...
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    This is just a thought, based on what I have been trying to resolve for the last two years and possibly three or four years. What is the status of DS's appendix? When I took a turn for the worse it began with epic nausea and increased pain seemingly manifested in the upper right abdomen. This...
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    Don't Do This, DON'T DO THIS, please.

    Thank you for the input. Right now I'm trying to find a doctor who will find the best drug for my pump, the last one requiring a test of morphine in the pump's port. What I am curious about is why your daughter is in so much pain? At times I think I'm alone, at least rare because people...
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    Blockchain It's Working Ashish Gadnis

    Imogene, and the broad CF community, I am so excited, over what this means for the CF community, and for you and what you represent! For the CF community, we can generate "Un-FitBit" data, with all due respect for the athletes with CF. Add the medical data from our endless tests and images...
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    Pic line vs. Port from mstein

    In today's world everybody seems to have tattoos. When I was young, getting something as noticeable as a tattoo, nose rings, gauges and such labeled people, for good and bad. In the military, a tat usually was the mark of a non-commissioned officer. Officer candidates weren't accepted into...
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    Don't Do This, DON'T DO THIS, please.

    Thank you for the encouragement and support and the reminder that I'm doing something that we all can learn from potentially. The pump was implanted January 29th, 2018 as I noted when I began this adventure and I am not feeling better. My bad-luck-o-meter continues to peg. As a person who...
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    Mass of mucus in chest

    Something that my parents did was straight out of "Cider House Rules". The orphanage had a sickly boy, presumably from alcohol use by the parents, or something else that wasn't well understood in the 1940's. My father could make anything, although he was loathe to admit it. During a...
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    ENT in Denver

    I would suggest that you look up Dr. John Campana or possibly Dr. Janis Birney. I don't know anything about pediatric ENTs or if it makes any difference. Good luck LL
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    Altitude Tent?

    Very interesting! I grew up at what amounts to "altitude" for many at 6,400 feet. Altitude of 14,000+ feet was under an hour by car and most summer weekends the family would go to Rocky Mountain National Park or such. The air is clean, a surprising amount of ozone and let's face it, tundra...
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    Deleting your on-line DNA is brutally difficult

    I have been waiting for some credible Public source to spell out the cautionary tale of the benefits and dangers of using a consumer genetic testing company. The newer TV program series "Bull" recently did a story on how law enforcement scheming acquired the name of a suspect through the back...
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    Q+A Adult with CF

    The best advice I was given regarding employment helped me a lot. 1. Always be worth more to your employer, than he/she is to you. 2. Assume 100% responsibility for everything you have been charged to do, even if it you are not fully in charge. 3. This is a hard one for me but try to be...