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    Changing your user name?!?!?!

    Hi, I have emailed the contact us" option on this website a handful of times about how I go about changing my username and I still have gotten no response. What Im wondering is if its possible to do so or do I have to make a whole other profile? I have outgrown my username and no longer...
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    Traveling to Disney with CF, Vest, and Portable O2 concentrator?

    Thanks guys so much! It was all very helpful!
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    Traveling to Disney with CF, Vest, and Portable O2 concentrator?

    Hi, Im 25 with a moderate/severe CF. Over the winter I got pretty sick, I was sick all winter long with a pretty bad infection and pneumonia. Before the winter I was only on supplemented O2 when I got sick/infection and at night when I was asleep. Anyway, long story short, now I require oxygen...
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    Anyone else have reactive hypoglycemia?

    Hi, I have hypoglycemia too. My doctors didnt take me seriously at first because it would just drop at random and they couldn't monitor something that didnt happen in front of them......but i tried everything to get them to believe me, finally got blood sugar checker. Then recorded some of my...
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    Coughing alot but no need for hospital. need tips/ advice on how to control it.

    Hi, CF sucks lol I totally get where you are coming from though. My PFTs aren't as low as yours yet, sorry for the wording-mine are like 37% average. Has been much lower to. Im from North Dakota, so its like freezing here year round, ok so we get a few months of nice weather lol. I got a...
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    Help please!!!

    Thank you, and yes thats what the number is but i havent done that in years just never got around to changing my name on here. Thanks!
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    Help please!!!

    Im experiencing extreme sharp pains in one area of my chest and nothing is helping!!! Its worst when I cough. Im wondering if its a collapsed lung, never had one before. Please let me know if you have gone through one and what was your symptoms.
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    In PAIN, hospital NOT helping

    My hospital is crap too! Its an hour away from me to and they are completely useless!!!! I started crying when I read you post because all the words you were saying I say on a daily basis. This is not right and I so very much want to expose people to the harshness that we get from doctors. Not...
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    Need some CF friends!!!

    Hey guys, My name is Megan and I am 24 years old with CF, diagnosed at 6 months. I have one CF friend which I love to death but I feel so lonley still. I absolutly love talking to other CFers and feel the need for it right now, going through some rough patches!! So, I was wondering if anyone...
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    Nissen surgery for teen girls

    Hi, my name is megan lol and I am 24 with CF. I had the nissens done around that age of your daughter. The scars are so microscopic, they are almost hard to find. Its like four teeny dots for scars. I do remember tho for a while after the surgery I couldnt eat very much at once. I was used to...
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    Financial Help/Non-profit Orginizations!

    Hey guys, I need help lol yet again. I am struggling extremely bad with my finances. I cant work because I'm in the hospital at least every other month sometimes once a month. I have always struggled but I'm desperately trying to fix my credit and in order to do that I need some sort of...
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    This could be it...

    oh my goodness, im totally tearing up. I hope your brother makes it through this!!! Do me a favor and NEVER forget her, it sounds like she didn't have a lot of ppl and that one thing I feel I need when I die is loved ones; with CF it get get very lonely trust me I know. Its so wonderful that she...
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    Rude Staff

    I can relate big time!!! I always say thank you, sometimes twice to the same person just for that action lol. I think I can be a very likeable person/patient, I love talking with the nursing and staff and they seem to just love me.....most of them. Im not one to be walked on and take it quietly...
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    Anyone having trouble with their hospital

    I am struggling with this same problem; Im almost 24 with CF. I was diagnosed at 6 months at the hospital I go to right now but the problems Im having are just getting worse and more frequent. My main doctor has just retired and Im stuck with idiots and mean people. I have reported a couple...
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    Please help me!!!!

    Thanks guys, im just so torn bc Ive been going to this hospital since I was diagnosed. And I usually go to Minneapolis as much as I can, but with winter and money costs its hard to get there :( I wish I could have enough money to do a lot of my medical needs (sigh) lol