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    C.743+2T>C p? (Legacy name 875+2T>C)

    Hi, we got our sons results back yesterday and he has homozygous c.743+2T>C - it's not on the database and so I'm wondering if anyone here has the same variant, or if you can guide me where to look for more information. Thank you
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    I hope you feel better soon. Now you've been diagnosed you might be able to get medicines to help some of the symptoms
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    Two positive sweat tests

    Thank you for your reply- it's so reassuring to hear from other parents whose children are healthy with CF. I'm grateful of course for everyone's support and advice even those who aren't doing as well - but at this point in time i really need to be able to believe my babies will be ok. They told...
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    Two positive sweat tests

    Thank you. We live in Bahrain and there's only only one CF clinic here.
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    Two positive sweat tests

    Hi! I've been reading your posts for a while but this is my first post. I think I'm looking for reassurance. Two of my three children (2 and 10) had positive sweat tests and we are now waiting for blood results. My 10 year old had polyps and was referred for a sweat test. I got his brothers...