“ZCF is merely not only a project of LMRF, it is the hope for children affected by clubfoot.” It was the beginning thought which inspired lots of people and got a hope to live. Now it’s time to enlighten more FACES not only serving children but to create a new era for the adults as well who are deadly affected by the same deformity like children.

The idea of Dr. Shamim Khan, Executive Director of LMRF to serve elderly people having same deformity. Within a shortest possible time situation changed dramatically & some magical steps have been taken by the management of LMRF to create a bench stone in the treatment of clubfoot deformity for the aged people.

It’s obviously a burning idea in the clubfoot deformity treatment history in Bangladesh. A new milestone has been set for the others as well by LMRF which will depict the advancement of clubfoot deformity treatment. Already numbers of five Neglected Clubfoot patients were starting their treatment under supervision of ZCF Team. Now people at any age can have better treatment facility within the country at an affordable cost.
April 22