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    Eyes Burning on Trikafta

    it states me as a new member but I've been a member for over 10yrs - I just hv not been getting on - now I want to know how everyone is doing with the new med
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    Eyes Burning on Trikafta

    I as well hvg been having watery itchy eyes - I was supposed to hv cataract surgery in March but it got cancelled - I also hv a eye disease called Pterygium which I am going for the surgery hopefully the next 2 weeks - he said after 2 mts. we can do the cataracts - but I still suspect the...
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    Trikafta Q&A, Experiences, etc.

    Hi all I am a 65yr old woman with only one functioning lung the right collapsed more than 10yrs ago - I was extremely sick last Sept-Oct coughing 4/5hrs straight - mostly dry hacking -the sputum would come later on o2 #4 24/7 - I started this drug Nov 1,2019 after the first week I was singing...
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    Times are a changing...and I DONT like it!

    I agree as well positive attitude is a main factor in my everyday life as well, I admit I whine occasionally, about 10 yrs or more my doctor suggested a trip to UNC for a possible work up for transplant later on... well a lot of different things went on and I never went low enough in numbers...
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    sweating in the night

    I am 62 petite female ht 5'wt abt 102/105 yet I as well get night sweats, sometimes stripping off my top as it is stuck to me - hv had MAC since the late 90's only treated with the cocktail once - also colonize MERSA - Printer I never thought that the MAC could be the problem, thought more my...
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    JL I hope your feeling better today, I have used Celebrex in the past for pain and it did help -I had my gallbladder out many years ago, that's what I thought of first when I read yr pain spot. My issues hv been more lung related than digestive - but have had those as well going on. Since my...
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    Well I see it went through and I've been on he site I think for more than 8-9 years yet it lists me as a new member??? IT's past my bed time at 62 I still have very bad sleeping habits, meaning I'll go to bed now but will still be awake at 2-3am, yet my body is so exhausted... ahhh
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    I have not been on in awhile as I am still having problems, I type hit send and it does not go through, very frustrating as a matter fact this is my 2nd try tonight. I hv very good results with prune juice once in the morning and before bed. I did Miralax for a year or more, and some others - I...
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    Article about Mycobacterium and CF

    Thanks for sharing as mentioned many times I was diagnosed with MAC late 90's I was a big gardener at the time vegetables - flowers - and the water on Long Island NY is terrible many minerals and who knows what else - best when you want to take a bath and the water comes out brown? But it's...
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    Strange response to antibiotics, anyone else experience this?

    Good to hear your feeling better I just did a round of meds as well Nov 1-10 it was supposed to be Nov1-15 but on the 11th I woke up covered in hives from Ceftaroline colonizing MRSA and of course my MAC so I had to cut it short the hives took abt 4-5 days to clear they were all over my chest...
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    Zyvox Acne Rash Advice

    I posted about this med about a month ago it was my first time using it and asked if anyone on the site had used it as it made me so sick.. I did not get any responses. I felt like I had pneumonia, weak, chills, sweats, low grade fever, I gave it 5 days of use, I always think give it a chance...