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    laughter - the best medicine - and it might help clean out your lungs while you're at it!

    RE:laughter - the best medicine - and it might help clean out your lungs while you're at it! okay i don't have a good story to tell, but wander & anonymuse made me laugh so hard that now i am having a coughing fit. Thanks ~JeRi<img src="i/expressions/rose.gif" border="0">
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    CF Recipes, Pretty Please!

    Hey Katie, I'm guessing that since it is a CF cookbook then you are wanting high fat recepies? I'm just asking because i am CF, but am on a low fat diet because of my chronic pancreatitis. Anyways, just let me know. I have some great low fat recipies. ~JeRi<img src="i/expressions/heart.gif"...
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    friend trouble, please help!

    Shauna, I wouldn't suggest moving on until you talk to Sara about how you feel. Please don't go through life thinking that you can't trust anyone but yourself because that is so untrue. Back to Sara. Have a talk with her. Explain to her how scared you were that night and how you helped her the...
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    Daughter started 2nd Grade

    Awww that is so sweet. It will help her year alot if she has a young loving teacher, i am sure. The younger the better cus they are fresh and can relate a little more to the children. My stepdaughter started high school and i was sad at how fast they do grow up. I have only been with her since...
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    Hey guys and gals, I am from the foothills of California USA. I travel to San Francisco for my CF care. ~JeRi<img src="i/expressions/wine.gif" border="0">
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    Pulmonary Rehab

    Hey Melissa, I couldn't live in a more "out in the middle of nowhere" town. LOL!! The hospital i go to is very small and i wouldn't take my dog there for treatment, but the rehab program is good. HEHE!! The insurance does pay for the 6 week program and i don't know how others are, but after the...
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    Pulmonary Rehab

    For those that can not handle exercise that contains too much strain, like me<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif" border="0">, there is pulmonary rehab. It is by prescription only and is a 6 week program, but you are able to stay on maintenence after for a low price. Mine is at a...