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  1. stephen

    A Look Into the Future

    While advances like this are only dreams right now, hopefully they are not as far off as we may think. Let's Dream! "3D bioprinted lungs to be available for global transplants" "Israel’s Collplant inks licensing and commercialization deal with major American biotech firm to make human...
  2. stephen

    Pari eFlow Aerosol Head Cleaner

    If anyone has used the PARI EasyCare Cleaning Aide for eFlow & eRapid Aerosol Heads, I would be interested to hear your experiences with it. For Cayston, I use at least five eFlow heads at a time to avoid having to clean...
  3. stephen

    Switch From Kalydeco to Symdeko

    Has anyone switched from Kalydeco to Symdeko? I’m about to makethe change and am wondering what others have experienced. During a recent CF Centervisit my doctor mentioned there may be some benefits of switching, one of which could be an increase in FEV-1. She was recommending that all...
  4. stephen

    Great news

    Looks like FDA approved Kalydeco for the additional Residual Function mutations!!!