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    Been AWOL but need some 50 PSI Compressor advise

    Been AWOL trying to launch a new career but so nice to see all the familiar names. Needing some help with a 50 psi compressor to replace the Invacare one that is not longer made!!! What other brands out there? Pros/cons? Recommendations??? Thanks!!!
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    So glad our CF doctor told us NO bath toys for DS when he was first diagnosed.
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    Symdeko trials for 6-11 As I noted in another thread, DS has his quarterly appointment a couple weeks back and his doctor was very hot on Symdeko, after recommending against Orkambi for him. Just saw they...
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    b-cepacia recall for liquids This same manufacturer had same recall for product about a year ago which at the time we were using a product. I never started up again, thank God, as it sounds from another FDA release...
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    FDA approves Kalydeco for 5 residual function mutations
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    Vertex Triple works for het-mins and improves ddf508 better!, A wonderful day.
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    Question from DS on PICC

    He wants to know when they remove it if it will hurt? And whether they need to put that sticky protective covering or just a bandaid? A big piece or a little piece? And how many days will it stay on for?
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    IV protocol

    Just curious: does your cf center do 14 days IV if you stay in. hospital but 21 if you go home? And do they sa 4 treatments per day the entire time while on IV? and do they somehow giv you ten extra hours every day?
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    Thirsty on antibiotics?

    Is this "normal?" DS has been as\king for much more water/gateroade than normal. He doesn't have too bad stools and isn't peeing more than typical , or if so, only slightly. He didn't have much to drin\k in the 2 wee\ks leading up to it so I'm thin\king his body is trying to ma\ke up , but...
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    Vertex has three or four studies enrolling heterozygotes for the next generation triple combination. has a list of pipeline and link to clinical trials in case you haven't heard about these.
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    Is no cough good or bad?

    So DS had both a CF and an asthama excerbation after catching RSV. We we in hospital from Wednesday to Monday on IV antibiotics and home the finish course. His FEV was down to less than 60% but back to 77% before we left. He is complete recovered from the surface. I am waiting another day to do...
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    HomeInfusion Company?

    Anyone with input on one in Detroit area? Or suggestions on how to research or what to ask (besides if they do Eclipse)? THANKS!
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    PICC Line/Home IV Pointers?

    Autumn shared Eclipse pointer. any others for PICC line or Home IV time? What do you wish you knew? Things to watch for? Ask? Do? Don't do? THANKS!
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    How long to baseline?

    Under "normal" circumstances, how long does it take to return to "baseline" for a kiddo with a cold and doctor hearing something in one lung lobe? DS started antibiotics 2 days ago for 21 day course. Pretty sure he caught my cold which I caught from DH. DH was bac\k to his normal in days...
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    Help Please-bleeding nose

    DS nose has been running so much and blown so much the inside is raw and when he blows he is in excruiating pain and little spots of blood. Is there a prescription med they give tohelp? Vaseline? (Safe for CF in nose?) Other suggestions? Thanks in advance all on this and other post..
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    Help please:best gaming system for treatments

    DS finally got us fa rest cold and we are having a hard time getting the extra vests done because he feels so bad while doing so going to try to get a gaming system for tv that will help psh through. Doesn't have to be latest and greatest but ideally one two or more can play together and that...
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    residual functions and 661

    results look good, hopefully fda will ok kalydeco for residual function in meantime.
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    FDA warning serious pancreatitis with Viberzi
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    Great hope for those with one df508

    Check out slide 19:
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    IV Flush recall for B-Cerpacia FYI: If you don't, you might consider subscribing to the FDA recalls. I do and have found several long before I heard elsewhere and one I never did that was also recalled for cerpacia...