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  1. jimcaldwell

    Indrepta Plus

    It's been a little over 3 years since we released our first product Indrepta in a joint project between Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences. It has been helpful to many people so far. We did a little crowdfunding a few months ago and are now in the process of creating a...
  2. jimcaldwell

    THis is a message test

    We upgraded from 4.2.2 to 4.2.5 vBulletin
  3. jimcaldwell

    Hillrom Vest free

    I have a Hillrom Vest Model 104 with 197 hours of use, if someone needs one. It has an Adult Small vest included.
  4. jimcaldwell

    Wellness Protocol

    Sharktank Research Foundation has recently published a Wellness Protocol online, as an aid to help people with CF contemplate all options of care in a comprehensive manner. Since CF is a very complex condition, there are many ways to consider its management. This can be found at...
  5. jimcaldwell


    Hi, I recently posted my daughter's experiences with Indrepta after using it for 4 months ( This product was co-developed by Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences. After being available for 7 months, I think we can say it...