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    Nebulizing with a CPAP Mask on stationary bike?

    I want to indoor cycle and neb at the same time. Does the Alb/Saline/Tobi travel effectively through the CPAP tube to the face? Needs to be hands-free.
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    I have leftover Tobramicine in Fairfax VA

    My sis in law mother passed in Fairfax, VA they have about 28 vials of Tobramicine.
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    Pulmno in Chicago?

    Any suggestions for adult pulmonologists in Chicago? Anyone at the UofC? In my experience few pulmo's know CF/bronchiectasis protocol.
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    I love my eFlow and I'm an Orangutan! No virus, great for kids!
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    Why don't you buy this? (I'm not a sales rep)

    I'm a patient who is frustrated with how long it takes to nebulize (see my other thread). Is it just me or are nebulizers generally lame? We all use the Trio or eFlow but it clogs and before you know it you're back to 30+ minutes of nebbing. How many of you are using heady duty compressors...
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    Nebulizers - What is right? Does PSI make a difference?

    What it the right nebulizer for airway clearance? We're nebulizing 8+ ml's of fluid and most portables aren't designed for extended use. What is the variable we're looking for? PSI? Volume? particle size? If the answer is "all of the above" then what is right versus convenient? I...