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    Local raw honey will help with seasonal/plant allergies, a spoon full or so a day should keep you from having nearly as badly of a reaction.
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    Acid reflux / heartburn

    I've found Zantek to be 0% effective vs my heart burn. Anytime I'm not on a PPI that's delivered by gelcap, or something IV. I don't see to absorb it .
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    Mycobacterium Abscessus

    I've been battling this for about 12 months now. I took me nearly 9 months to find a med regimeent I can tollorate. I'm on Clofazimine and Linezolid now to deal with it (two orals) Most all the IV's hit me with massive nausia or worse. Not going to sugar coat this one, its going to be bad, and...
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    Beyond the first year of a transplant ...

    Birds.. stay away from birds... there poop is a killer to anyone with a compromised immune system.
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    SSI after transplant

    I meet a guy earlier this month who had a transplant and held on to his SSI. He did warn me that 1 year after Tx to expect to have SSI declare you no longer disabled and expect to have to go to court to retain it.
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    Chest pain when breathing deep and coughing

    Checking in with the CF doc is a good idea on this one. In my case I've got a chunk of cartilage that I mangled years ago and its never healed right. Good hard cough and I can see the ribs separate. I'll end up with a stabbing pain for a few days then a dull ache for a few after that if I really...
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    Good Probiotic?

    I go yogurt nuts when on antibiotics. I don't tend to get thrush but I do end up with a yeast infection (I've got a foreskin). Gut wise I end up a bit off but nothing that sends me back to the Dr office.
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    Dating another CF person

    My big worry about two adult CFer's spending much time together at all let alone dating/living together is this. You two are going to go in opposite directions in your day to day life. Both of you will come into contact with different things in the day. And no matter how much you might wash your...
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    help building muscle post lung transplant

    Have you considered weight bearing hikes/walks? It should work most your body fairly evenly and do a fair bit for the legs. You can also take a low weight (under 10) and hold it out at arms length for as long as you can. this is an isometric exercise I've done for years. As far as beyond that I...
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    Battling CF kyphosis

    I've had issues with this some my self. In my 20's I would see a chiropractor on a regular basis. tomorrow I'm going to as a physical therapist, to see what they have to say. I have a roller as well but I think you've spent more time on it then I have.
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    Medical Marijuana

    Marijuana is still trying to find its acceptance in society. Even in a state where its legal for recreational use, you see back lash or dissension. If your not smoking it, (not vaping it would be better), and getting gains from it. You need to make a logical argument for it for you. how have you...
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    Is it normal to cough up mucous while casually working out and doing treatments?

    As PFT's and FEV1 fall along with more scar tissue build up, one is more and more likely to experience the constant and persistent phlegm cough that many CF patients have. My suggestion to you is enjoy it while you got it, stay as active as you can, and what ever you do, don't slack on the...
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    Overanalyzing Buggers

    Well as I understand it long as you have the CF slime going on, there will be issues with the sinuses. I had mine cleaned out earlier this year simply because they where that packed. Apparently had been for a REALLY long time. I also had no issues other then excessive post nasal drip, a slight...
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    How do you avoid the pity party when you tell people you have CF?

    I tend to be an open book about my CF. It mostly comes down to personal choice about how open to be. If I start to hear the pity party coming out I look at them and say its had its trade offs and I wouldn't wish it away if I could. That commonly ends that right there. When I was still working...
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    important!! anyone else have EXTREMELY sensitive skin on their arms? poss due to IVs

    I know of a surprisingly high number of CFers that are getting told "Its Fibromyalgia" as of late, I know of a few GP's that think its the current go to for undiagnosed chronic pain. I would suggest talking to your GP about it, perhaps a neurologist and a dermatologist as well. I wouldn't rule...
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    Finally Opening Up About My Health On My Website

    Talking about CF or any chronic illness is highly a matter of how you approach it, being "I deal with this..." is one thing. It is another when it comes into "poor me" subject matter, and the line between the two is vary thin. Infact I don't know if its just me being a little battie or not, but...
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    lung function

    I'm 32 with FEV1's around 4o%
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    Nebbing saline while vesting

    I've been nebbing saline for a few years off and on now, won't cause any harm and if the added moisture seems to help go with it!
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    Port issue? When does it go bad?

    Keep in mind the port is sutured down to the muscle under it, check to see if the port is hyper mobile and make 100% sure its not acting like it wants to spin on the end of the line (don't go giving it full twists tho.) A quick check with the nursing staff who maintains your port wouldn't be a...
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    Meropenem & Ceftazidime

    You may want to look into trying something other then the meropenem next time. I'm flat out allergic to it and my sister's pain levels hit the roof when she is on it, so I've heard of pain issues with it be-for.