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    How many calories with tube feeding?

    I've had a feeding tube for almost a year, but haven't had much luck in gaining weight. For anyone who has had success gaining weight- how many calories per day did you use? how did you take your enzymes with the tube feed? And, if diabetic, how did you handle the insulin with the tube feeding...
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    Feeding tube question- Part 2???

    A few weeks ago I posted about some pain and discomfort I was with my feeding tube. It ended up being an infection in my stomach where the tube went in. That's all better now. The problem I'm having now is that I cough a lot at night while doing the tube feeding. It feels like the formula is...
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    Feeding Tube Question???

    About five weeks ago, I got a feeding tube to help gain weight at night. I use Nutren 2.0. It was fine for the few weeks, then I began to experience pain and discomfort in my upper abdomen near my diaphragm. I had an x-ray done and the doctors told me my bowels were full of "poop". I did a bowel...
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    Good gift for some people with CF

    <P>For Christmas yesterday, I got a set of wireless headphones that connect to the TV. Now I can actually hear the TV while I do myVest treatment without having to blast the volume on the TV. Nor do I have to use the closed-caption feature on the TV. Although I did get used to reading and...
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    Doctor with CF passed away; inspirational story

    <DIV class=ObitTextPhoto><A id=ctl00_ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_ContentPlaceHolder1_ObituaryTile_ObitCameraIconPhotoGalleryLink target=_blank></A></DIV>(News Article) Dr. John Thomas Schaeufele, 57, president and chief executive of Mercy Children's Hospital, whose own childhood illness spurred...
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    Transplant Center question???

    Does anyone know if Cleveland or U of Mich list cepacia patients for transplant? I just found out that Nationwide in Columbus is not accepting patients because thier medical director is leaving. And of course, I just finished my evals and testing in Columbus. I live near Toledo, so U of M and...