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    Update on Adam

    Adam did his pft's this morning. They are the best that they have been in the past 2 1/2 years. The will be discharging in on Saturday. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Peace Ann
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    Kangaroo EPump Bags

    I have a box of about 30 bags. I ordered the wrong bags. If anyone wants them let me know. Ann
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    Ent How often do you go?

    Adam had a ent appt yesterday and everthing went well sinuses look good though he could do a little better with the sinus rinses. Adam had sinus surgery in 2008 and only does yearly check ups 09 and now in 2010. The Dr. told us to come back in a year. After speaking to Jada yesterday she...
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    Sweat Test

    I have a friend who's child was just tested the result came back normal or no cf. But it showed 37 with a status of SIN, what does that mean? Thanks for your help.
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    Sweat Test

    I have a friend who's child was just tested the result came back normal or no cf. But it showed 37 with a status of SIN, what does that mean? Thanks for your help. Ann
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    We are in the hospital/Update

    Just wanted to let you all know that Adam was admitted yesterday. Please keep him in your prayers. We are expected to stay at least two weeks. Lung function is way down. Peace 01/31/2010 The Dr. is saying that Adam sounds less crackley. So far nothing but normal flora growing on cultures...
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    Free Call In Number for those who want to participate in Rosary for Mel

    Join us at 7 Central Time We will do the <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="">Joyful Mysteries</a> Hope you can Join Us To say the rosary: <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge...
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    Azli/Tobi Study

    Adam was accepted for the study and my husband just texted me that he is going to get to do Azli.....Yay... <b>Adam is on day 4 of the study and everything looks good. He has a slight cough but other than that he is doing well.</b>
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    Going Home/Adam

    <b>My husband is on his way to pick up Adam the Drs. let him leave today. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. <b>Ann</b></b> So the Dr's have put Adam on insulin, that was last monday 4 units only right before his milk drip. I have two questions. 1. Did you gain weight and how long...
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    Update on Adam

    Adam's lung funtion went up a bit, but the drs. are not happy they are not letting him come home yet. They are going to repeat the ct scan to see if the fungus is coming back or if it is just mucus plugs. (pray for plugs). He is a little upset that he is missing homecoming tonight. Thanks for...
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    Adam is in/Update

    So we went in today to see if Adam qualified for the azli/tobi study. He went in and did pft's and he went down 15 percent. The dr. admitted him. We hope it is not a long stay. Pray that we can get out soon. Peace 9-28-09 The Dr. came in to see Adam today and say he sounds alot better...
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    Happy Birthday Adam!!!!

    I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM. Adam turns 15 today! and it's the first day of high school. I love you!!!
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    Adam/Clinic visit

    So we went to the clinic today. Adams ptf's went up YAY for that 26 percent. That is great. Adam's Dr. did not think they would go up and had planned a hospital stay. Since my last post We added symbicort to his meds exactly 2 weeks ago. I wanted to try that or something that would...
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    The Dr. is prescribing symbicort for adam and taking him off the qvar. Does anyone take this and if so, has it helped? We are trying it for a month to see if it makes a difference if not back to qvar 80. Thanks for any feedback
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    Adam's pfts have been going down recently (under 50). This is after spending 7 weeks in the hospital back in October the 23 til Dec the 13th...he had a fungus growing (not aspergillus). he was put on aphro b ivs for 1 month and then sent home with vfend and has been on for 6 months. Ct scan...
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    Allergen Blockers

    Has anyone tried these to prevent allergies? I have had my kids try and it seems to work. Just wanted to see if anyone else tried it.
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    Nac & Fungus

    I want to try giving my son some nac (with dr. approval of course). But i have seem some messages that say don't take if you have a fungus (the gsh) is this the same or not. any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    14 Years Ago......

    So 14 years ago today my Adam was diagnosed with C.F. the worst news I could have gotten. I thought my world has ended and that Adam was doomed. The past 14 years have been a blessing. Adam is a child that never gives up doesn't know the word quit and loves life to the fullest. When he was...
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    Clinic Visit *Update*

    Adam goes to the clinic tomorrow...pray that his pfts have gone way up. Thanks guys... Well no change in the fev1.....i was so hoping it would go up. but i guess it did not go down. I don't know what to think.....
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    Picture of Adam

    I don't know if i am doing this right but here is a picture of Adam. If not i need help (step by step instructions). I did get a photobucket account but don't know how to use.