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    Hi everyone. I'm currently in a pulmonary rehab class and my pulmo therapist has a harmonica class that she says improves your muscles surrounding your lungs making your lungs feel clearer. I'v went to a couple of classes with it and you can really feel a difference a while. Anywho I wanted to...
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    life insurance

    Does anyone know of a life insurance that takes on people with CF? I have insurance now through my job. But have been wondering because I have been off for a year now and if I ever get fired, I would have nothing. Anyway I was curious if anyone knows of anything I could check into. Thanks.
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    Has anyone seen any good movies lately? I went to see The Boogieman. I really liked it. But didn't like how it ended. But anyway it was scary. Woohhoooo. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif" border="0">
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    live webcast

    Just thought everyone would like to know there will be a live webcast from cf foundation on Nov 15th at 9pm ET. about cf research What's new and What's next. You can also submit questions you have to be registered in order to submit questions at I thought it may be interesting...
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    job or career choices.

    What kind of job do you all have or career choices? Are you currently working? Just wondering about everyone. I am a manager at a grocery/dept store. I have been on leave since March. Hoping to go back in a couple months. If my pft's go up. Thanks! EVA <img...
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    questions enzymes, Iv's.

    I just started getting the digestive symptoms of CF. I am currently on ultrase 20. I had my first IV of Zosyn a couple months ago because of a terrible lung infection. It seems like since then I have had so many problems with my pancrease aching after I eat. Lots of problems with b/m's. Do...