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    Oldest Person With CF

    In my point of view, the saddest thing when the subject is prognosis, are the regional differences. In Brazil the median is 19 years while in Canada is 51!
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    Oldest Person With CF

    For those concerned about prognosis I recommend reading the essay 'The median is n't the message' by Stephen Jay Gold.
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    Have you improved your fev1????

    My 11-year-old -on had an increase of 76% to 91% with an high intensityhigh intensity interval training program. We had the guidance of a P. E. teacher and this result was obtained in just four months of training.
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    Great option for getting started with exercise

    Very interesting! My 11-year-old-son started a HIIT program. After a year and a half he is already able to run 6k in 37min and do all your activities with no difficulty. However, it's hard to keep him motivated for workouts at the gym. I'll talk to his coach to evaluate this approach 10-20-30.
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    Other forms of treatment?

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    Excellent Presentation on Muscle Loss & CF - I think a must read

    proteases are not produced by the pancreas That makes no sense to me. Creon supplies pancreatic enzymes and proteases are not produced by the pancreas. The main function of the synthetic enzymes is to supply the lipase and amylase needs that are no longer produced in the ideal amount in people...
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    My baby girl

    My son is 9 years old and has the same mutations that your daughter. We are from Brazil, but my wife's family is from Italy and all have Italian citizenship.