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    Can people with CF get tattoos?

    I have 12 tattoos. it didn't bother me, your good to go!! a lot of cfers have tattoos
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    What is going on with Vertex?

    If you go to and look at the drug pipeline. it tells you the results. the results say for whoever has double DF508 Results from two Phase 3 trials in people with CF who have two copies of the F508del CFTR mutation showed significant improvement in lung function and other key...
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    TOBI Podhaler

    I was on the Tobi Podhaler 2 months ago, it lowered my pfts, and my chest was so tight from it and I was coughing a lot, and then I started to run fevers. so I decided to change to the tobi inhaled. and it doesn't give me any problems
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    Women & Zithro 3x a week

    same here, i only get yeast infections when i go into the hospital and im on IV's. but i take Zithro Mon,Wed and Friday. and i dont have a problem
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    Protein powder and carb loading supplements

    "Hey My name is Chelsie and im 24 Female and i live in New Mexico. I have CFRD(Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes) it is really hard to work with both of these issues because you have to gain weight for having CF and then you have to watch what you eat being a diabetic, well i go to the gym 6days...
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    Our son, our Hero

    I'm so sorry for your loss and exactly know what your going through. I'm 24 and female and lost my 28yr old brother Chris is September 2011. He struggled for 28yrs of his life and loved sports. You would think all the basketball that he played his lungs would be in great shape, but he also had...
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    absolutely NEED help with treatment compliance

    Hello, My name is Chelsie I used to be the same way, i was really healthy when i was younger, wasnt hospitalized till i was like 16 and pfts were in the 60's. im 24 now and my pfts are 43%. What i do, i get up and drink some coffee to keep my sugar steady long enough to do treatments in the...
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    lung function

    43% and im a 24yr old Female lives in New Mexico
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    CF Services Pharmacy FYI

    pulmozyme "Hey my name is Chelsie, for my pulmozyme i go through primetheraputic pharmacy i used to go through Trissent. you ca give them a call and see if they will take your insurance" 1-877-627-6337
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    Coping with Christmas after a loss

    OMG im so sorry to hear for everybodys loss! I myself had a brother who passed September 27, 2012. Not long ago at all. His name was Chris and 28yrs old. I miss him so much, My mom said she isnt in the holiday spirit this year. Its been so rough for my mother, she lost her mother Ausgust 2011...
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    Feeling down about kids

    I know exactly how you ladies feel out there that are scared due to CF and Pregnancy! Im a 24yr old female. When i look in the past and in the future, all my bestfriends have grown up and have kids. Am i a jealous one, i am. Because i do want a kid. I have a boyfriend that i have been with for...
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    Eflow-Cayston-almost 4 year old?

    Cayston i think is a way better treatment then Tobi, Tobi takes like 30mins to do. Cayston has a different machine and it only takes 1min to do. You are on for a month then off a month just like Tobi. I have been on cayston for about 3yrs now. i love it. Cayston does make me cough, but that is a...