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    After Sinus Surgery ?

    What kind of washes are they? Are they just a bottle or a spray or are you having to actually squirt it up there with a big needless srynge or something? They do like it if you do saline rinses...which is just that saline in a bottle you just sniff up the nose...its just a nose spray. Some will...
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    After Sinus Surgery ?

    Your doing nothing wrong. Sometimes this just happens. Sometimes a packing doesnt get placed right or they slip and can make it to where scabbing occurs. The first sinus surgery I ever had I had to have another a month later because I had a staph infection start growing. After that second one I...
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    weird question for a CF forum

    Not to burst your bubble ccflwewallen but I dont think there are any more cfers doing pot than none cfers. Sure maybe a little bit more because of the "dont care" attitude. But think about it. I bet you personally know at least 2 people cf or not that has tried pot. Heck you probably even know...
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    weird question for a CF forum

    I have only tried pot once and it was brownies. So I cant say i ever smoked anything. Yes its true pot is a broncho dialator. Look it up. The no coughing has its bad side too because you cant cough out all the infected phlem...or phlem at all that is blocking air ways. Thats why some doctors...
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    favorite tv show?

    CSI Law Vegas, and NCIS...i cant wait for them to start again next week. I also love Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. I know scifi geek i dont care. I love Lost as well. The best part is these are my husbands favorite too and we can watch tv all night together with out one of us complaining.
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    Am I being selfish?

    The money issue Jen was talking about is that the church job wouldnt pay enough for her to live on. She still has to consider co pays on meds, and other bills. She lives pay check to pay check as it is. Thats all she meant. Also if she took the church job she would loose her insurance coverage...
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    where are the HIP diseased folks.

    What I find funny is you say "hip" and when I hear someone say "hip" i laugh because its such an old word that no one uses. HA! hip lol....ok sorry i didnt mean to make ya mad. welcome to the boards. i like my own stuff. to much to name. and i have tried pot before (in the words of my friend...
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    depends on what you mean by like and how long you have been dating. a guy can like anyone. but i would think the same as the others. and he would put her first. just as she would put him first. he wouldnt dump her to go out with the guys (unless he asked and it was ok) would start talking...
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    Ultrase 18

    Its probably a personal preference on taking enzymes before or after a meal/snack. The truth is they stay working an hour before and after you eat. so if you take it before you have an hour to get your food in...if you take it after you have an hour of it working on your food. plenty of...
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    ivs no more beneficial

    It depends for me too. I have been well after a tune up anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 months. I just got out of the hospital and a week and a half later I am coughing again. I dont know if its just something easy to treat or not yet. Have you only ever had those three drugs? If so demand your...
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    Ultrase 18

    Im on ultrase mt 20s...I take 5-6 with meals and 4-5 with snacks. like steve said its not an excat science. I usually take my enzymes after i eat so I know whether or not to take more or less...and it depends on how fatty the meal if its tacos take more..if shes feeling icky and just...
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    No more anonymous posting

    I think its a good idea. Some can still have several usernames and no one will know who they are...just by the username.
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    Suggestions on Honoring Someone at a Wedding

    I have seen people hold pictures of the ones they are honoring. Like one time the brides mom had passed away so her dad carried a picture of her mom with him up the isle and through the whole ceremony. even a picture sitting in a chair with a flower. or off to the side at the beginning of the...
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    Gross topic

    I find whats funny is some of the guys think this is gross. I am like Emily I would try it just to see. Except I would have to clean the pan later. I am just to lazy. I think it would just kinda dry up and look worse.
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    albuterol and tremor

    there is an alternative to does the same thing but with out the heart rate going higer thing. I dont know if it will help the shakes though. i think its called xopenex...ask about that one
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    albuterol and tremor

    I didnt know albuterol did that. I know it can make your heart rate faster. Hmmm this is making me think. I have noticed that my hands shake more than they used has made me stop painting as much as i used to because the shaky hands make me mess up and its annoying. Sorry i cant help you.
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    Spousal Liberties...

    My husband says he just needs the three things a husband needs. If I have to tell you what those are Im not going to. lol....Anyway I have heard of some spouses and parents needing antidepressants. I dont blame them either. Maybe try to get your wife into counseling with or with out some...
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    Questions for the Females

    About 13...but they slowly grew to a barely A. at 14. I think they stopped because i was really under weight. Then they grew again when i started to gain weight at 20. They are still small but their a good size A maybe a barely B. Are you underweight? Are you concerned about not getting any...
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    a bit of advice(please look)

    Then dont break contact. If you think its going to bother you so badly then still talk to her. After all its hard for anyone to just forget everything and stop loving after 5 years. Just be sure your protecting yourself from getting hurt more. If that means only phone calls and thats it. That...
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    Cataracts and Glaucoma

    I have never heard of anyone with cf having them, only if on medication that causes cataracts and glaucoma. More than likely it is a medication she is on that causes these problems. Or thats what I would think. Sorry we cant be of much help.