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    Positive News About VX-770 and CF Patient Assistance Foundation

    From: Beall, Bob Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 8:40 AM To: All Chapter Employees; All Main Office Staff Subject: Positive News About VX-770 and CF Patient Assistance Foundation To All National and Chapter Employees: Good morning. Given all of the turbulence in the world lately, it is...
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    $100,000 for CF

    Rock the Dock (named by our very own Lindsey, Coltsfan715) - the Milwaukee CFF chapter's black tie gala was held 9/15/07. We had a net profit for the evening of $100,000! It was a great evening for all the wonderful people here on our site and those around the world battling CF every day...
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    Update on Emily's G-Tube Placement today

    Hi all, Just got off the phone with Tami (Izemmom). The g-tube placement went quickly and with no complications. It is placed higher than expected so it may preclude her from using her vest (ugh). Emily is still groggy but coming around. She will be none too pleased with the immobilzers on...
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    Debbie's Obituary

    Deborah Manley MANLEY, Deborah Born in Upland, CA on August 19, 1979. Passed away peacefully in the arms of her family in Sacramento on July 18, 2007. Daughter of Scott Manley and Mary Delaney; sister of Erin Manley (Adam); aunt of Tristan Phemister, Summer and Jacob Blackman; granddaughter...
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    Drug Trial Results for aztreonam lysine

    Gilead says cystic fibrosis drug trial meets main goal Wed May 30, 2007 6:40 AM IST (Reuters) - Gilead Sciences Inc. said the second late-stage trial of its inhaled treatment for a genetic disease, cystic fibrosis, met its main goal following a 28-day treatment. The trial involved 164 cystic...
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    Izemmom on TV for CF fundraising

    I am soooooo proud of her! What wonderful publicity. Check it out - this will link you to the page and then just click play on the viewer. Tami Rocks!!!!!!!!!! <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge...
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    Probiotic Article

    Interesting article on MSN health regarding probiotics. I know a lot of you have found them beneficial. <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=""></a>
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    Get Creative ASAP!

    As some of you may know, I am on the committee for the CF gala in Wisconsin. We are in need of a catchy theme for this year's event. It is being held at the new Pier Wisconsin on the Milwaukee Lakefront - also part of the Discovery World complex. The voting is taking place tomorrow 3/16 -...
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    Tami's (Izemmom) Emily in Hospital

    I spoke with Tami and they have admitted Emily to the hospital - the local hosptial vs Children's to minimize her exposure to all the RSV and other "kid bourne" nasties. They are on a working dx of C-Diff. This is their first hospital admit since Emily's birth and I'm sure quite frightening...
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    Grant for DNA nebulizer clinical trials in England

    British scientists at the Brompton hospital and Imperial College London have just been given a £20 million grant to start clinical trials of their very promising new Cystic Fibrosis DNA nebulizer. British researchers are to trial a new gene therapy for cystic fibrosis in which sufferers simply...
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    Experimental Hadassah-inspired pill is 'promising' in repairing cystic fibrosis gene

    <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" "> </a> Not certain if this has been posted yet, I didn't see it.
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    Article on Worldwide Incidence of Genotypes

    <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" ">http://www3.interscience.wiley...ext/93518608/PDFSTART </a> Found another interesting article - this one on pages 6-15 lists countries and which genotypes are prevalant...
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    Great Link with CF genotype/phenotype info

    <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" "> </a> This is a paper published in, I believe, The United Arab Emirates. It is written...
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    Research article hot off the presses

    <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" "> </a> Each new breakthrough is encouraging. While science never seems to move as quickly as I would like, at least there is progress being made.
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    Ideas For CF Gala Auction

    I am privileged to be a committe member for our state's annual gala "Steppin' Out" CF Fundraiser. We are working to think outside the box for ideas for live auction items (generally bigger ticket/more unique than the silent auction items). So, I'm throwing it out to the forum....Share your...