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    SSI after transplant

    Has anyone been successful retaining SSI/Medicaid benefits post transplant? We're four years out and although the surgery was successful, my son's is experiencing other complications--diabetes, multiple skin cancers, gall bladder removal, low weight and pulmonary function levels that are stable...
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    post transplant side effects

    My son was transplanted six months ago and has had a flushed/red face for several months now. His dr. took him off bactrim to see if that was the cause. If it doesn't go away, he will send him to a dermatologist. With all the meds he's on, I can't see how that will help.Has anyone else...
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    Texas medicaid and Amerigroup

    Anyone else having issues with Texas medicaid and its new managed care programs? There doesn't seem to be a lot of options (if any) for transplant patients. We're trying to get back on traditional medicaid but I think it's going to be an uphill battle. Fortunately, it's not our primary...
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    fungus and transplants

    We were just told my son grew some fungus in his last culture but that it was nothing to worry about. We heard this from the CF clinic not his transplant Dr. Should we be concerned? j
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    Forced to change transplant center

    My husband's company changed insurance carriers and they might make us change transplant centers. He's already been evaluated in Dallas (which is nearby) and is on the transplant list. The other local hospital they want us to use has no CF specialist and performs very few transplants on CF...
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    Vitamin K and insurance coverage

    Does anyone have any suggestions/resources I might use in my battle with my insurance company regarding mephyton (Vitamin K)? They have always covered it until this year. I've been denied twice by Medco and my final appeal is with American Airlines. My doctor has written two forceful letters as...