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    Another mention of CF

    I was just on here browsing while watching TV and all of a sudden they mentioned Great Strides on 7 Live on ABC in Nor Cal! They actually talked about the two places they were having it and how you could come to walk and or donate! I dont know, I was blown away because in the other areas I live...
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    Donor Recognition Day

    Not only was today Valentine's Day but it was also <b>National Donor Recognition Day!</b> I think it fits very well coinsiding with Valentine's Day. We need to thank all organ donors for a true gift of selfless Love!
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    Yesterday was my 3yr transplantiversary! I may be in chronic rejection but I've been having a good week. I'm in the process of being double listed at Stanford (where I got my first tx) and The Cleveland Clinic, I guess there are good things about living in the middle of the country. I was able...
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    Chronic Rejection

    Are any of you dealing with chronic rejection? I'm finding it really difficult to handle it. Any ideas on what to do? It seems like there aren't that many people who've gone through it and had a second tx, the two people I do know were in entirely different situations. Im relatively healthy...
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    Hey guys, so I'm heading to The Cleveland Clinic for another transplant evaluation. Hopefully this time I'll be "ready" to be listed. Anyways, I was just wondering if any of you had had re-transplants and how they went? I never had a problem feeling worried or nervous the first time around, I...
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    Re-Tx at Denver and UCLA

    Have any of you gotten your transplant at UCLA or Denver or heard anything about the two? Im looking into their programs in case I need a second tx. Thanks. Anna
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    Bronch Pain

    I had my annual tx appt last week on Monday and my bronch on Tuesday. The drs said that there was a ton of mucus in my throat and I was coughing like crazy during the bronch. They werent able to get a biopsy but they said my lungs looked "pristine." So yea...The next day I woke up with horrible...
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    Help ASAP!

    I'm leaving Stanford on friday and I need help on deciding what I should get my doctors before I leave. I want to get three gifts for my transplant doctors and two for my nurses! Any ideas??? I was thinking maybe I could go to this place where you can make your own soap and do that for my...
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    I got to see my lungs today!!!

    Hey everybody its Anna, Liza's daughter. I wanted to share my lungs with everyone. I got to go see them today, it was gross but awesome at the same time! I spent like 45 minutes just looking at em and holding em. They were kinda hard from being in the formulin for so long but you could see the...
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    Letter to Donor's Family

    Hey all. This is Anna, Liza's daughter. I almost never sign in, although I am always on here reading peoples posts. I was wondering how many of you wrote to your donor family? How do you start a letter like that? Im not sure if I should just start with a "Thank you" or start out by telling...