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  1. Simba15

    Covid19 vaccine and CF

    Hi All, my understanding is that we all fall into a class of CF. (see pic). Any idea how covid19 will react in CFers? The vaccine works on RNA not DNA according to this article and if i am reading it right. Any scientific geeky people here to explain this? Thank you! article here
  2. Simba15

    Toe Nail Fungus

    Have been battling nasty toe nail fungus. Tried everything under the sun including laser treatment. Just had my toe nail removed. Doc daid b/c of CF my feet are sweating more than most and with cotton socks, it is like a wet cloth sitting on my feet. He told me to wear moisture wicking socks...
  3. Simba15

    sweating in the night

    "Dumb" question: Is this common? I have been sweating while sleeping. I wake up soaked.
  4. Simba15

    Sore muscles and soft tissue

    In the last year or so my muscles (whole body) and soft tissue (facia) are VERY stiff and tight. I stretch daily and the next day it is like I never strecthed at all. Anyone else have this? I am wondering if it is CF related. Thank you
  5. Simba15

    Keep the faith

    Just wanted to share I am turning 54 years old this week. Although I have a "milder" form (my GI symptoms say otherwise), I want to encourage those of you worried about your future. No one knows the future of any of us. "They" know nothing about my mutation combo and can't tell me a thing. I...
  6. Simba15

    Tirosint (for thyroid)

    Has anyone here taken tirosint and what was your response? I took it and finally was losing weight - finally. My stomach bloat went down! BUT after two months my hair fell out on huge patches! (I'm talking I thought I was going to have to buy a wig). It was visible! I went back to levoxyl and...
  7. Simba15

    GINA Law

    Under the GINA Law, are we able to not disclose our status to an employer who send us for a pre-employment health screening? This is what found online: 19. Are there any privacy protections for my genetic information? A 2008 federal law, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008...
  8. Simba15

    Be Nice

    On a recent Great Strides walk I was approached by a mother of a CFer. Because I was wearing a green shirt, she knew I was a CFer. At first I thought it was nice she approached me to say hello. She then began telling me how wonderful her CF clinic is and she could not "get through it without...
  9. Simba15


    I have never had pimples in my entire life. I started pancreatic enzymes and now I have them. Is there a connection? Will the pimples go away?
  10. Simba15

    CF Income Tax Deductions

    I just took income tax deductions for the first time for food and electricity for CF. I would like to hear from others how you arrived atthe amount or % to deduct. For electricity we took a % - however, I have to run a/c in summer non stop due to CF so should probably take more. My accountant...
  11. Simba15

    Zenpep and Losing Weight?

    Has anyone heard of this:I am opposite most CFers. I need to lose 45 #. My dr put my on zen pep. Doc believes that if my pancreas is not functioning right, food is not digested and nutrients are not absorbed and my metabolism has shut down. Doc also believes that if pancreas is not working right...
  12. Simba15

    GI doc needed in CT

    I am looking for a GOOD GI doctor who is knowledgeable about CF in CT. I am not happy with Yale for many reasons. Can anyone refer me to someone who is good and works with adults?
  13. Simba15


    Is anyone here taking metformin? what side effects have you had from it and did it help? I am asking b/c I might be getting on it soon. Thank you.
  14. Simba15

    Boarderline Panceratic Insufficiency

    Has anyone here ever tested normal for pancreatic insufficiency yet had all the symptoms of it? I thin that's me. I has a stool sample done and was told normal. I have excessive, foul gas, no matter what I eat. All my BM's are also foul, when that didn't used to be the case. I eat whole foods...
  15. Simba15

    List of Mutations with Sympotoms

    Does anyone know where I can find a list or chart of utation combinations and the symptomology associated with each? thank you.
  16. Simba15

    RIP Richard Weiss

    Richard Weiss who coined the phrase, 65 roses, passed away from CF. He was 52 years old. :( Rest in peace...
  17. Simba15

    Digestive Enzymes

    I finally went to a ND after the CF clinic at a very well-reknowned hospital was of NO use to me. I told them I was bloated all the time. They said "you are taking too much probiotics." WHAT? I take antibiotics every day and need probiotics. They did no tests and sent me to no specialists...
  18. Simba15

    Insulin Resistance

    For the last two years I have been gaining a ton of weight around the middle. The CF clinic of was NO HELP at all :mad: and toldmeto loseweight. I told them I execise daily and am eating under 1,000 calories a day and I am still gaining. Are you ready for this? They stood there and scratched...
  19. Simba15

    Water+Thyroid disease

    Most water in the USA has fluoride in it. I have Hoshimoto's Thyroid disease and should not be drinking or ingesting fluroide and neither should you. The fluoride in water is NOT calcium fluoride. It is socium fluoride - a carcinigen made from pollution from various steel and manufacturing...
  20. Simba15


    I have read there are about 114 of "me" in the world - R334W. Anyone here with that?