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    Weight and BMI before feeding tube?

    Okay, so I am trying to find out from CF folks what was your BMI and weight prior to getting a feeding tube and did you gain weight after placement and if so how much? I've lost quite a bit of weight since my Celiacs diagnosis and I was concerned cause my BMI is 19.32 right now and I weight...
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    Medicare Part A & B & D and Texas questions....

    Okay, so my husband is getting out of the Army, I have had Tricare for the last ten years and I know nothing of regular insurance....I have Medicare Part A and am Part B eligible. My questions are as follows: 1. Can someone tell me how Medicare Part B works in terms of seeing CF docs? I will be...
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    Anyone taking any supplements for working out? I am taking a small amount, mostly just branch-chain amino acids but I was wondering if anyone else has any recommendations or experience to share?
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    Frequencer VS. ChestMaster

    Okay, so I'm about to get a Frequencer but the docs brought up some new device called ChestMaster and I wanted to take a few days to compare and think over which I would like. I currently use a Vest but I loathe it. The issues with the Vest are as follows:<br><br>I travel and it's huge and...
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    CF friendly careers?

    Hi all, I'm 29, have CF and have not worked due to health issues these last four years. I'm changing my degree plans to something with a varying schedule (private investigator) and I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas or ways to work in your treatments and medical routines into a...