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    stomach aches

    His pancreas could be going chronic. CFGI specialist recommended
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    When do your CF doctors glove up?

    It's a good thing. The CFF requires it. Many larger CF clinics with a lot of "other" traffic outside the clinic in the hospital have been doing it for over a year now. Smaller clinics with less traffic may have just started doing it recently. Infectious disease control is a good thing. I...
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    GI advice

    I have a history of acute pancreatitis bouts. Ever had those? I had small bowls obstruction in April - miconium ilieus - I do miralax daily it seems to help regulate but is not a cure for the sludge, but does help. I am 38 and was diagnosed with CF when I was 7. 99% GI issues my whole life...
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    Going in GI cleanout

    Miralax daily helps me keep all the sludge gone. The enimas are not fun. Had one where they blew up the balloon and ran scope all around back in April.
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    Who are you in a nut shell

    My name is Michael 38 years old Diagnosed at 7 - nasal polyps - weight Mostly have GI issues
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    chronic pain

    Check your CFTR. See if it is primarily GI related. Mine is and I have a chronic pancreas. I had acute pancreatitis multiple times which caused my pancreas to become chronic. Pain is "intractable", meaning non curable. The only option is pain management or surgery to remove your pancreas.
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    Need some CF friends!!!

    Hey I'm Michael. I am 38 and was diagnosed when I was 7 due to nasal polyps. The sweat test was positive. I don't have many lung issues because my primary CFTR is GI related. I have had many bouts of pancreatitis which is no fun. If any have questions about the GI side feel free to message...