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    LUTRISH - A new chocolate flavored nutritional shake

    Happy to see new shakes on the market! Dear Lutrish - Sorry you got your head bit off by that other member. I for one am very thankful that you all have entered the market. I just found out about you today. Yes, it was mind-boggling that the people who make Scandishakes discontinued the...
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    My suggestion would be to ignore all these alternative remedies. The Food and Drug Administration here in the U.S. was given the task of overseeing the medicines being sold because shysters were taking advantage of sick people's desperation and selling them "miracle cures" that didn't work...
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    dry cough, tightness?

    Hi RubyRoseLee - I recently had to start taking blood pressure medicine, and the first two medicines they tried on me both gave me a dry cough. Just thought I'd mention it in case you have had a similar change to your meds. - Dan
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    Vibralung and Vest

    Thanks, Kenna2. Soundns like pausing is no problem. I went on their website and watched some of the video clips. You're right that it does sound a little like an old video game, as the sounds move up and down in frequency! :)
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    Looking for input on a home spirometry device

    Thanks, Aboveallislove. Looks like I have to call the company to find out what the price is. If you happen to see this and don't mind telling me how much it cost you, that would be great. - Dan
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    Vibralung and Vest

    Thanks, Kenna2. I have been using the Vest for about 28 years (I was one of the first people who received one, as I was being treated at the University of Minnesota where the vest was developed). It has always helped me bring up secretions. Only recently have I started to use an Accapella...
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    Looking for input on a home spirometry device

    Recently, I have been thinking about purchasing a home spirometry device so that I can check my lung capacity between clinic visits. I am wondering if anyone else has already done this. Would like some suggestions on what brand and model to choose and whether you thought it was helpful. I...
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    Anyone have any insight into these findings?

    Hi Jenn - Your daughter's failure to thrive and infection with pseudomonas aeruginosa are CLASSIC symptoms of CF. To my knowledge, the only people who ever get a pseudomonas infection are those with an immune disease and people with CF. As mentioned above, the genetic test they performed for...
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    Can someone explain in plain English

    Hi Suren - The response above are far more technical than I am about to be. I would just add that you should be sure you are taking your son to a CF Foundation-approved care center so that he is being treated by CF specialists and not just a run-of-the-mill pulmonologist. I am guessing you...
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    Cystic fibrosis patients survive 10 years longer in Canada than in US

    As a person with a degree in Math (and who works in the data mining industry), reading the article from CNN seemed to create more questions than it answered. The article said that, for women, there was no difference in survival rates. That would suggest that insurance and nutrition didn't...
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    sweating in the night

    Hi Simba - Another possible cause may or may not apply to you, but I have CF and also take medicine for anxiety. My guess is there are many CFers who have anxiety or depression (and many of the same drugs are used for both). I found that some of the anxiety medicines are well known to cause...
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    sweating in the night

    Thanks for your post LL - I often have my hands feel clammy while I am using my vest for airway clearance. In fact, at times it is really annoying. But I don't have it any other time. I never thought it would be related to CF. It just didn't occur to me. Perhaps my coughing stimulates my...
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    Having a Bronchoscopy

    Last November I went into the hospital for my first bronchoscopy ever. We had found that part of one lung had collapsed, and my doctor hoped that they could flush out the mucus plug with water. They also tried putting a stint in (like the ones used for arteries) to keep the airway open. My...
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    OPEN QUESTION: Doctor's office / hospital patient experience

    A few ideas 1. The first time I ever was in the hospital for a tune-up I brought in an extra lamp, because it seems to me that the lighting in most hospital rooms is just bright enough to be depressing. So the extra light helped keep my mood up. 2. I have also had a habit of bringing in my...