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    Any experience with Scedosporium proliferans?

    Just wondering if anyone has some experience with treating this. Apparently I was infected pre-transplant (and didn't know it), and it transferred over to my new lungs. :mad: I'd especially be interested in folks who were dealing with it post-transplant, but that's probably a pretty darn...
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    Got new lungs

    Hey guys. As some of you know, I relocated to Durham on Sept. 11. Got the call and was transplanted on October 12th, now back home and into rehab. ;)
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    Transplant time

    Headed to Duke in 2 weeks to start the transplant process. They said it was time and I shouldn't wait any longer. If you have any words of advice or wisdom, I'd love to hear it. thanks a bunch.
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    Knowing when it's time?

    Hi. I've been approved for transplant at Duke, and I'm just waiting at this point....waiting until it's time to get listed. I'm not really sure what that means. The quality if my life has changed so very much, but how bad does it need to get? I'm not sure where that line is. It would really...
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    Times are a changing...and I DONT like it!

    Used to be, keeping weight on was no problem. In the last couple of months I have gone from being between 120-125 (which is where Duke wanted me) to 109. Not really sure how that happened, but my breathing has sucked most of the time and I think I am just burning tons of calories just trying...
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    Strange response to antibiotics, anyone else experience this?

    hey there. So about a week ago I started on IV Meropenem and oral Levaquin. Levaquin didn't agree with me and I spend the first two days with waterfall diarrhea and the next couple of days after that vomiting. Joy and rupture. I switched to IV Levaquin and all was well. So.....I am a...