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    Passing out while coughing

    So I have noticed lately that when I get coughing spasms then I black out for a few seconds anyone else have this problem? B
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    Just moved to St.Louis and it's hot!

    Hey everybody, So I just moved to StLouis from Seattle for Grad School at Washington University. My doctors said I would be ok living out here, but so far the heat and humidity are doing everything in their power to send me to the hospital. I just started some more dietary supplements, but I...
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    Advice wanted

    Hey all, So I was wondering if anyone has had a family member who seals their pain meds from them? I am currently having that problem and I don't know what to do about it. My brother 38 is stealing my pain meds that I use for my chronic belly pain he has done this at least once before and I...
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    In the middle of the night... (for bleeders)

    So as much as I would love to just have a post of Billy Joel songs that speak to you I do have a question. When you wake up and have blood in your sputum what is your reaction? Lately I found my reaction to coughing up smaller amounts of blood (I am a bleeder btw) to be that I just say, "damn...
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    So this is only half a joke. Crocodiles and you.

    Hello friends, So I was trying to do some sociology and some of the search terms I used are apparently also biology terms, who knew! Anyway I stumbled on scholarly articles talking about proteins in croc blood that are pretty awesome. The best explanation for us normal folks was a
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    Just got a port, don't really know what do do with it.

    Hey everyone! So after a particularly rough weekend in the CF sense I got a port today instead of the normal PICC line, I will be returning to my "normal" life tomorrow at school. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on having a port and using it as an outpatient as well as what kind of things...
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    Dehumidifying the home- Preventative action

    So I got the Aspergilosis pretty bad, and I live in Western Washington, humidity and a general dampness is unavoidable. My doc and some other professionals I have been talking too reccomend to get a good dehumidifier to compliment my air purifiers. Since I live in student housing I might get one...
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    Car crashes and CF

    So today I totaled my car. It was scary and I am pretty sure I was in shock. My question to you all is is you have had experiences in accidents which caused adverse affects or complicated your CF? First to preemptivly answer some questions...1) It was a 98' Escort with airbags that had ythe...
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    Air fresheners- the good and the bad

    So I like smelling good, I guess that is a positive trait. I know that the plug ins are bad for your lungs in general and I was curious about alternatives. You see I am blessed (sometimes cursed) with a wonderful olfactory system and things like aroma therapy, psychosomatic as they may be, are...
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    "red man syndrom"

    So yesterday I got addmitted and when they were doing my Vankomycin, over 90 minutes, my head began to itch like all hell and then I turned red. Has this happened to anyone else? MY docs are gonna do the Vanko over a longer time to see if that helps it.Thoughts?Comments? Thanks,Brandyn
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    Favorite fiction books?

    Hey, so I like to read fiction in the hospital to kill time. I was wondering who else does and what you like to read, favorite authors, and favorite titles... kind of like a suggestion list and just to see what other CFers are reading. :DMy favorite genre is drama, Trueman Capote and John...
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    feeding tube

    Hello, So I was wondering if any of my elder CFers Have gtubes still. I have had one for 10 years and I do not use it except for golytly when I have an obstruction. It itches and burns all the time and interferes with my ability to do exercise. So my doc wants me to think about getting it...
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    hey so i am an intended music ed major and i have to take ear training class. ive also taken craploads of tobi, you can probably see were im going with this. yesterday my prof tested me and can barely tell pitches. any advice on coping with your ears. or just college casses