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    Doctors - #1 MRSA carriers

    How many CFer's have to deal with their doctors that do not follow protocol, such as, gloving up-gowning up-masking up-and using basic commonsense? I have had doctors not wipe their stethscope with a alcohol wipe. I have had doctors that do not follow the basic protocol to protect me and other...
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    Tanning Beds

    I recently decided to get a mediport put under my skin in October. The doctor that put it in said it would be ok if I went to the tanning bed, but I am getting confllicting reports from each medical personnel I ask about going to the tanning bed with this mediport. Is there anyone else that...
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    I am 37 years old and was just diagnosed with MRSA for the first time. I was curious to know about the effects of how you feel if you have had MRSA. All I want to do is sleep and have no energy to do anything. Besides the MRSA, my pseudomonas has "flared up" again. I know I am not alone in...
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    I just wanted to know how many out there that have CF have to also deal with depression from having this disease. Basically, the only time I "fall" in a major depression is when I get sick and its time for a "tune up". I am 37 years old and my last "tune up" was in November 2005. The problem...