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    My son's father tells him he DOES NOT HAVE CF!

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    HELP! Public school is trying to force us to have my son skip a grade.

    I had posted a week or so ago about the Cf and IQ so my story is in that post My son tested into Kindergarten early at 4. He has done well in school academically but around 2nd grade I noticed how small he was and with him being sick he would get really frustrated when he missed school cause of...
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    Atypical Cystic Fibrosis

    I know from reading on this forum that the topic Atypical Cystic Fibrosis seems to upset some people and my question is why? I read some posts saying that there is no such thing and that the people who say they are diagnosed with it are told that they need to go to an accredited CF Clinic and...
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    Is Cystic Fibrosis linked with High IQ?

    Does anyone know if CF is linked to high IQ or have experience with this situation. My son is 9 years old and diagnosed with CF at 8. He has always been smart but I never knew how intelligent he was until recently. He does have a 504 plan and has missed ALOT of school in the past year due to all...
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    Help!!! Cystic Fibrosis or Not

    <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-confused.gif" border="0"> My son is 8yrs old and in Jan 2010 after dealing with constant ENT issues adnoids and tonsils removed, several tubes, ear glue, sinus cysts and constant cough our doctor sent him for sweat test to rule out CF. I received a call...