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    Manuka Honey treatment for Psuedomonas

    It didn't seem to do much. I'm sorry I haven't been on for awhile and just saw this now.
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    Manuka Honey treatment for Psuedomonas

    I haven't been on in awhile, thank you for posting this, I will check it out :)
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    Trying to rid PA!

    You can't get rid of pa..
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    P. Aerginosa Infection - Forehead Sinuses

    I had this HORRIBLE migraine last summer due to Psuedomonas. I know this thread is old, but so happy I found it and I'm not the only one who suffered with this.
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    Has anyone tried a gluten free diet?

    My brother doesn't have CF but he has lung issues like mine, bronch. and possibly NOW, Primary Cilia Dyskensia. For him, it has reduced his congestion (sinuses, chronic cough) he is also dairy free. I believe in alternative medicine and diets compared to antibiotics which I am now resistant too...
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    Trying to rid PA!

    Oh, I just saw this. It has helped HIM it does not mean it will help everyone.
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    Manuka Honey treatment for Psuedomonas

    I am desperate for something to treat my heavy psuedomonas infection. Cipro, none of the conventional antibiotics work anymore because it's grown resistance against it so I'm constantly getting chronic infections. I did some research and read Manuka Honey is supposed to help battle infections. I...
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    Have you become more introverted and anti-social as your health declines?

    I tend to be sociable, I like meeting new people but with coughing and hacking on people constantly it can be a deterrent on my socializing. I know I spelled that word wrong :)
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    Disability Review

    I am currently in review as well! I sent in my medical records from a previous hospital stay-and anything related to my case.
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    What's the mucus look like?

    My mucus is yellow, dark green, pretty much disgusting. Last summer, I had *terrible* headaches and it was blue green snot coming out of my nose-lovely psuedomonas. I think it basis on the type of infection that is brewing inside you :(
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    How many of you are stay-at-home moms?

    I'm a stay at home mom! My son is in kindergarten. I completely understand about wanting to go to college and getting a degree, but worry about your little one in the hospital. I can relate!
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    Hearing Loss and CF

    That's interesting with the benadryl and hearing loss.
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    Hearing Loss and CF

    I got biopsied for Primary Cilia Dyskensia this morning (twice) it's painful, but anyway that I know can cause hearing loss. I failed my hearing test 2 months ago. I'm not sure of certain medications affecting hearing although with all the side effects it is possible, I assume :(
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    Lung Bleeds and Menstrual Cycles - Link???

    This used to happen to me alot with hemoptysis and my periods then it stopped but I used to think there was a connection as well.
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    What does it feel like to go a day or two without albuterol?

    If I was in great health-I wouldnt need albuterol. I'm confused by your question, lol.
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    Have you ever received PT in a hospital?

    I received it once in 2001 during a hospital stay. Now everytime I'm admitted I have the vest-love that thing!
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    What do you Call this type of test?

    <div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>jshet</b></i> Hi Annie, my mother n law has copd. They were able to get her a pulse ox that she wore overnight when sleeping for one night and then she had to put it in an envelope and mailed it back to the company. They then notified...
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    What do you Call this type of test?

    <div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>longtimer</b></i> It would be a sleep study. Some sleep labs will do an ambulatory oximeter study to measure your oxygen at home while sleeping where you dod nt need to have a full sleep study in a lab. An oximetry study is much...
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    What do you Call this type of test?

    <div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>Printer</b></i> Call the Doctor who ordered it. He/She will give you all the info that you need. Bill</end quote> I did and she is on vacation. I was hoping to get some info in the meantime from others here <img title="Smile"...
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    New Forums

    Fun! Thanks to everyone's hard work!