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    relationships ending and dealing with being alone

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    Am I the only diaper dependant cf'er?

    31.... please don't judge.
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    O2 levels and having O2 on hand

    I was wondering about people that have O2 on hand and thier levels. My head nurse recomended it a few times and after a few bad days I e-mailed her to get the ball rolling. What numbers were you guys at before you had O2 in the house? I don't plan on using it much but i think it would be good...
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    fired for work restrictions

    My work called me today to say my employement has been terminated. Back in December i got a blood clot after getting my port placed and was put on blood thinners. The doctors note stated" patient may return to work 12/3/12. due to patients condition restrictions as follow. 1) must stay clear...
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    incontinence. dont be afraid to admit to it

    Incontinence effects a lot of people with cf, mostly women. Over the years i have posted about my problems and had many guys admit in pm of this problem. Its hard for anyone to deal with. My girlfriend also has issues (not cf'er) and i really think it need to be looked into. Its just one of...
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    Fistula? (sp?) anyone heard of it for ivs?

    So i went many years putting work first and not taking the doctors advise. I met a great girl felt comfortable about everything and decided to make my health a part of my life again. The doctor suggested a port since i have had problems with the PICC lines in the past. I get the port placed...
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    I'm back if anyone remebers me lol

    just got back on, guessing my Blog is gone haven't looked yet. Those questions to sign up for the new format are hard lol. tok me like three tries. I see a few I remember but always a lot of new faces on here.