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    Haven't posted in quite sometime...wondering if anyone knows what happened to member name NoExcuses?
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    Hemoptysis - four year old

    DD coughed up a small amount of blood mixed with phlegm/foam. She seemed to be having a brochospasm at the time. This is our first time seeing blood with coughing. I've put calls into her nurse and doctor. Not sure how to proceed today. The spasm has stopped...thank God. However, I don't know...
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    Neilmed/sinus irrigation

    DD started using the Neilmed flush two nights ago per the recommendation of her RT. She's such a trooper - she didn't fight it for more than a second or two. At any rate, her RT thought she would have a lot of drainage upon flushing and that I "would be surprised at how much gunk comes out"...
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    Staph A 4+

    Hi all...DD routinely cultures Staph A., but it was at a much higher concentration this last culture. Her doctor never called with the results (we're now 3 weeks out) but we did ask her nurse about the culture. She informed us that DD cultured Staph A. at 4+ and wondered if she's having...
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    Nebulizer cup confusion

    Hi all - you'd think I'd know this by now! At any rate, we use the Sidestream Plus for DD's HTS and the Sidestream cup for Pulmozyme. We recently purchased a Pari Vios and received two LC Sprints with the compressor. What can these be used for? Thanks.
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    Pediasure 1.5 vs Carnation

    Just realized Carnation has a lot more calories per 8oz - 560 vs 350! DDs weight is okay on Pediasure, but why didn't her dietician recommend Carnation first (i.e., when she was severely underweight)? Which do you use? Why one over the other?
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    I have an unopened bottle of the pediatric liquid. Any takers? Note expiration...<br>
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    HTS prior to Pulmozyme

    There is probably an existing thread on this topic, but I'll ask anyway! <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> DD is starting HTS and was advised to administer HTS prior to Pulmozyme with essentially no wait time in between. I understand that HTS can decrease the...
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    Opening a can o' worms

    I may elicit a range of responses with this post. In reviewing an alternate topic about those with CF and over 40...many of you were diagnosed quite late in life. It almost seems like there should to be two categories for those with CF. Those over 40 who were diagnosed later in life and those...
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    Danger if vest settings too high?

    DD has a cough...I upped her vest settings, but thought I should ask if this can pose any problems (i.e., if settings are "too" high). I thought perhaps there may be an increased risk for rupturing capillaries or other vessels within the lungs? Just a thought. Anyone else been advised a...
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    I disagree

    My husband was told at DD's last CF clinic that it's sufficient to sterilize neb parts one weekly. He said they looked at him with dismay when he told them we boil them before each use. Anyone else being given this information?<br>
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    Nasal Polyps and Diagnosis??

    DD has been more congested this past week (nasal only). Not sneezing, no runny nose, not rubbing her eyes/ears/nose...but her breathing is much more audible. She definitely snores - more so lately, however. Am I being paranoid about nasal polyps at her age (2.5 yrs)? Are there more symptoms...
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    Meconium ileus in utero

    Does anyone know how "easy" it is to diagnose MI in utero? At what gestational age is it detected by if it is present? (e.g., if not present via ultrasound by week X, then MI won't occur).
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    I ask again - am I a fool?

    Here we go again...DD has had a cough for the past few days...honestly, should I put her on antibiotics with every cough she gets in life? Is it wrong to give her a chance to fight it without antibiotics? We've upped her CPT from two sessions to three or four sessions with nebulized saline...
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    XRAY yields "changes" yet seldom coughs

    My husband took our daughter in for a chest xray today...he's not a radiologist, but did think he noticed that the right lung looked different than the left lung. Of course, we're trying not to speculate until her doctor calls with his review. My questions: If she showed "changes" in her last...
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    Zenpep Inconsistency

    We've recently switched to Zenpep 5 from Pancrease. Pancrease was very consistent in terms of number of beads per capsule while Zenpep has great variation. There should be 20 per capsule, but we see anything from 15 to 21. Doesn't make sense when part of the issue with the FDA involvement...
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    Bactrim if not coughing?

    A bit of background first... We met with our daughter's doctor today to discuss whether or not she has fingertip clubbing. She does have a small degree of clubbing (as I suspected) but he wasn't concerned about it until we take a follow-up XRAY. Her fingers have looked this way for as long as I...
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    A1c - please help...advice...encouragement....prayer

    (also posted in Families section) Help daughter's A1c is 6.1 (result from July). Her doctor didn't say anything about CFRD. We do a similar test in my world of medicine (dog & cat) which would say that the patient is a diabetic given a certain test result range for fructosamine. I...
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    Help daughter's A1c is 6.1 (result from July). Her doctor didn't say anything about CFRD. We do a similar test in my world of medicine (dog & cat) which would say that the patient is a diabetic given a certain test result range for fructosamine. I brought a copy of the bloodwork to...
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    Am I a fool?

    I think I already know what most of your answers will be... I've posted before about my two-year-old and enzyme dosing issues. She's been on Pancrease, Creon, and Zenpep. Stools are very loose and oily - regardless of the formulation. The worst was with Creon. The only thing we haven't tried...