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    Hi ladies. Just wondering is there any females with cf that had twins. How was the pregnancy for you? Feedback would be really appreciated. I'm so excited but also so anxious and worried about a lot a things. Thank you in advance :-)
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    medications while pregnant

    Hey. I am 8 weeks pregnant and thankfully am feeling great. I'm a bit anxious about medication. I'm taking 500 mg of zitromax per day and am wondering Has anyone else taken zitromax throughout their pregnancy. My gp said it was fine and I trust her but just need reassurance. I am also taking...
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    enzyme advice

    Hi all. Ok ive been taking creon all my life and creon 10000 probably 10+ years. Im now 26 and from about age 16 I have suffered with severe cramps and stomach ache, it was that bad I would have to curl into a ball to ease the pain. I was passing nasty wind and my number 2s left a bad smell...
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    how do I change my username.

    Hi all. This is my 1st username is shown on my profile as alfie..I wouod like to change it but I cant seem to figure it out. Can anyone help? F/m 25 with cf