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    Making dreams come trud despite "healthy" people

    Having cf means often fighting against prejudice od "healthy" people and institutions. Asia passed the exams to our national ballet school (was told by her teacher privately) but after opening her papers she was rejected in a very rude way. But there are other ways od gaining a balerina...
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    Sinuses and 3% NaCl rinses

    Sinuses and 3% NaCl rinses - have any of you tried this - we did and works much better.. But I guess it's not for those who do not tolerate hipersalt inhalations
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    Asia's cheque up

    When Asia was a todler she started to have small, not relevant, changes in lungs. For 5 years they where unchanged. Today, at a cheque up, we learned that they are much more small - best present ever. We do not have Kalydeco.
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    Asia Musical Academy in NY It's the group Asia is now part of - and they will come back to NY to perform on Broadway and teach polish americans with a bigger group- they where invited by an polish organisation. Maybe some of you...
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    Asia and her make a wish

    Asia's wish was to be a dancer and perform on stage. It's coming true :D yesterday she had a day full of attractions and rehearsals she is to be part of a musical i n Thearter roma in Warsaw in Hakuna Matata based on all Disney productions with kids ranging from 4 to 18 :D she is part of a dance...
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    looking for any information on muatation combination F508del/M952T
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    LittleLab4CF - OI contact

    I can't send you an answere to your priv. Please send me your email so I may answere on my priv. But only if this person has both - OI and cf. The family has contact with other families with kids with OI - but teher is no case of a patient having both - cf and OI. so if this is the case then...
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    guiness lampion rekord in Poznan on Kupala Night

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    Flavon group has finaly opened an office in the U.S. - so to those that wished to purchase - it will be opened soon - I will send a link once I get it. Asia - after over ayear on taking flavon kids and green has had a runnng nose once, her staph never returned and still has natural flora -...
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    Asia's cheque up went all well

    My daughter's cheque up - partial - went all splendid.<br>Tommorrow is her birthday and today I got her last test - throat culture back - all is normal flora.<br>She went up in weight and height in the charts and the doc was very pleased with her. Asia was also told that she go go to normal...
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    Flavon - have any of you tried this?

    Have any of you tried this flavon green and flavon kids? And what do you think?
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    Flavon question

    Have any of you tried this <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href=" "> </a>flavon green and flavon kids? And what do you think?
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    Qi gong for a 4 year old

    I'm thinking of Qi gong for my daughter - I used to practise it - and apart from the philosophy of qi and gong - the method teaches breathing techniques. My daughter swims and thus it was easier for me to theach her some things in her daily CPT - and so I;m thinking of going thurther. Do any...
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    How to choose preschool and school

    My daughter will be starting preschool in 1,5 years (at age 5) - I know I still have time but there are lots of kids here and to little schools - so we have to start choosing early. Any help will be appreciated? New building? sports classes? distance from home - what's most important. Thanks
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    Trouble with hard stools

    Hi, Joanna does not take any enzymes and her elastaz was high - 430 -two month ago. But we have some problems with to hard stools - does any of your children experience this?
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    Joanna has a baby sister

    Hi, Joanna has a baby sister - Zuzanna. Born 21.12.2010. I just got a phon from our center - her irt are normal <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif" border="0">
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    Diet and supplements

    Hi I'mm from Poland. My daughter - 3 years old - is under good care in the Warsaw Mother and Child Institute - cystic fibrosis department. So far she is healthy but I have some questions about using diet supplements every day- extra minerals, synbiotics and omega-3. As far as supplements -...