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    Tooth Extracted

    Has anyone here had a tooth extracted??? My tooth that I had filled a week and 1/2 ago is dying and likely has an infection. I am on an antibitoic. I can't afford a root canal.... so I am leaning more towards getting my tooth pulled. Are there any CF related risks I should be aware of. My...
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    Never had a tune up

    I am green with envy at those of you with such high pfts. I had my first tune up about 18 years ago... outpatient IV's with every 3 day check in for blood work and/dressing changes. I started "in hospital" tune ups a couple of years ago. I am likely looking at one this fall with another...
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    Tooth or Sinus infection

    My finally got a hold of my CF nurse. She is starting me on an antibiotic. My dentist is out of town. The pain seems to be more in my jaw... under the tooth. My jaw is swollen (can see the swelling on my cheek). We are going to treat the sinus issues and then if the pain and swelling is...
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    Tooth or Sinus infection

    I had a tooth filled last week. It was a deep filling. Shortly after the dentist visit my sinuses began to drain. I had some sinus issues before the filling... my husband said my breath and nose smelled funny. On Sunday my sinuses started to drain full time. I flushed out my nose and had a very...
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    Hypertonic saline burning your throat?

    I would call it a sure fire throat irritant. I get a dull sore throat if I do the whole tube. There are times (when I have a cold) that I have to tolerate HTS. It does get things moving.
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    Tooth is falling apart

    I am home from the dentist. I had a deep, deep cavity. It was almost to the nerve. Yikes!! He found 2 more cavities as he was poking around. I have to get the second one fixed and filled in a month and the third one after that sometime. The third one is just starting to form. I still...
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    In the hospital

    I always stay in the hospital the 2 full weeks (or about that) . I don't do well at home with all the drug times and rest that I must have when I am doing IVs (it zonks me) . I can't get good rest at home <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border="0"> I always have trouble with...
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    keeping on top of meds

    For super important meds that are time sensitive I set an alarm on my cell phone (my serevent is one of them). Ordering med is harder to remember. I have a medicine room (an unused bathroom) and I keep most everything in there and check my supplies every so often. I also set an alarm on my...
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    coughing etiquette

    If it is just a plain cough (not productive) then I cover my mouth and let it rip. If it feels like it is going to be productive then I start heading for the bathroom. I live with guys so being dainty with my cough is not necessary. I don't ever spit into a tissue in front of people. Cough...
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    bruises from ivs

    I wear light sweaters most of the time (even in the summer). If I don't wear a sweater and someone asks what happened to me I tell them I am slowing turning in to a blueberry. My ABG poke took two tries. The bruising looked GROSS it went from my thumb down my arm! I hid my hand when we...
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    Tooth is falling apart

    Yeah I was afraid whitening would be a waste... oh just for a little while to have pretty teeth. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border="0"> I am going to make that appointment.... their office was closed on Friday. Grumble.... I don't touch sugar. I don't touch pop. I...
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    Tooth is falling apart

    I am ashamed to admit it has been too long since I went to a dentist. Up until now I have had perfect teeth. I am hoping to get an appointment next week. The only problem is I keep catching my tongue on the jagged tooth. I am just hoping I won't need something major done. I am not in any...
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    Tooth is falling apart

    I chipped a tooth a while ago (on a fork) .... part of the side came off. Tonight while eating out with friends my tooth crumbled (a large part of it fell off). I obviously swallowed the tooth part without noticing it. When we got home my husband looked at the tooth. A large portion of my tooth...
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    Inhaling feeling restricted due to all over back soreness?

    For me it meant asthma. Started asthma drug and it went away pretty quickly.
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    Vest and PICC Line

    I have some trouble as well during tune ups with vesting. I usually undo the side where the PICC is situated. (undo the shoulder velcro).
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    What time suits you for chat

    I stick to the forum. I used to do chat but I don't have a lot of time with Kiddo running around here and homeschool lessons.
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    Pneumothorax: To fly or not to fly?

    One thing u should know is the air quality here right now is pretty bad in Colorado. I live north of Denver and we r under air quality alerts. I hear Colorado springs isn't much better likely worse due to the smoke. Just an FYI. Hope u enjoy your conference/meetings.
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    Birthday Coming up.... Family likes cake and ice cream

    I developed diabetes a couple of years ago. My family members are big fans of birthday cake and lots of ice cream. I can't touch the stuff. I broke the rules right after my diagnosis and had a small piece of cake and paid dearly with totally messed up sugars. The next birthday there was no...
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    Sudden change in blood sugars

    The past few week my sugars have run higher than normal especially my morning sugars. I have been eating pretty much the same as normal. All of a sudden I got up other other morning and my sugars are back to normal. The past few weeks they have been running 112-125) and they are back down to...
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    Who doesn't eat extra salt?

    I crave salt once in a while.... if I do I eat potato chips. Problem solved. When I was first diagnosed they told me to salt EVERYTHING. I thought it made food taste gross. I use salt in my cooking and baking (to enhance the flavor) but don't use it at the table. Super salty foods tend to...