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    My daughter Samantha

    I am really sad to hear about your daughter. May God bless her and she lives long his life. Get well soon Samantha. You will see many mornings of your life and then get married with someone special. Then you have your own kids. They will call you mama, mama, mama.
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    Something any parent of a teen/early adult can relate to (or am I alone!)

    Congrats dear. It is really appreciated your daughter's achievement. I am really glad to know that. May she have many more and always be success in his life and every step of life she has joy and happiness. God bless her always.
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    Weight Gain

    To gain weight you should eat well and also sleep well. That is the basic key, I think. Try to eat more protein and carbs. You can also eat fated food but not too much. With your diet don't forget to take exercise. It is most important to stay healthy and fit. It's tone your body and make a...
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    Weight Loss & Panicking...

    Nice post dude. I think the best way to lose weight is that you take care of your diet and also do some exercise. Make sure that you take low fated food an also drink green tea to boost your metabolism. It's helps to burn extra body fat and loss your weight. But don't forget to take exercise. In...