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    Free Scandi-shakes and Aquadeks for ZenPep users

    <P>Hi Everyone,</P> <P>I am part of the Z-points program offered to anyone taking ZenPep Enzymes.  I just noticed they added Scandishakes and AquaDEKS to their list of goodies you can get for free with your Z points.</P>
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    New website for CF recipes

    <P>Hi Everyone,</P> <P>My friend directed me to a new website her company launched that is going to feature recipies for CF patients.  There is also a recipe contest going on.  I haven't looked at it much, but thought I'd pass it on.</P> <P> </P> <P><A href="<A HREF=" ? <A...
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    Prograf Dose

    Hello, I am pre-transplant and was pricing out all of the possible medications I might be on after transplant. I see Prograf comes in several doses; .5, 1 and 5. What dose levels have post-tx patients been on? Thanks for the input!
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    Upper Right Lobectomy and Transplant

    I have had my upper right lobe removed. I am currently waiting for the Loyola board to review/approve my transplant case to get on the list. The surgeon mentioned that having a lobectomy makes the surgery a bit more technically difficult - but not impossible - and it shouldn't affect my...