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    Moving to Nashville (from New Zealand)- reaching out for contacts and advice

    Hi, We are moving to Nashville, TN, all the way from little old New Zealand! My husband is originally from New York and our daughter (DDF508)is a dual citizen. The healthcare system in New Zealand is very different- it is publicly funded. Almost all of our CF care has been free, but the...
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    Sudden unexplained increase in secretions, reduced general wellbeing and mood in 7 yo

    I thought I would put our current situation to the forums, because I'm not getting clear answers from the doctors, and I'm worried. Our 7 year old (DDF508) has recently (for the last 3 months) been producing copious amounts of thick green/grey secretions. She has always been fairly productive...
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    Experiences with Indrepta and TauriNAC

    Hi everyone, please can you share your experiences with Indrepta and TauriNAC (positive or negative). If you could include the type of Indrepta (A, B, or C) and your mutation, that would be helpful. Thanks!
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    Which air compressor do you use in the United States? Travelling there- need help!

    We are coming to the United States (NY) for a couple of months and haven't been able to find an adaptor or transformer for our daughter's PARIBOY SX, so are wondering if we need to buy something over there to fit her LC Sprint nebuliser (we currently use hypertonic saline only). Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Having another baby- how was your journey?

    So I'm interested to know what people's experiences are with deciding to have more children after you've had one diagnosed with CF. I always thought we'd try naturally knowing that there was a possibility of having another with CF, but I've recently changed my mind to thinking IVF with PGD is...
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    Travelling to NY - best care center?

    Hi All, We are travelling to New York later this year and are looking for a recommended paediatric care center for our 3 year old PWCF. She's DDF508. We will be staying with my partner's parents near Binghamton. I am not a citizen, but my partner is, and we are currently looking at getting dual...
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    Research on sodium bicarbonate - has anyone tried nebulising it?

    I've just been looking at research suggesting that inhaled bicarbonate of soda can help loosen mucus (better than hypersal) and reduce the acidity of lung liquid in PWCF, thereby helping in killing more bacteria. Here's one article...
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    Need help and ideas for my toddler - having a rough time and on 4th hospital stay

    I'm looking for families and adults who might be able to relate to our situation and offer anything that might help us along. Our girl is 19 months old, DDF508. We have had real trouble keeping her lungs clear and each hospital stay she gets better for a few days and then gets clogged up again...
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    Vitamin C / ascorbic acid and CF

    After reading two studies showing vitamin c to thin mucous and reduce lung inflammation (in association with CF), I am truly interested and wonder if anyone knows more about this or have any personal experience. Here they are:
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    Has your Cf child had whooping cough?

    I imagine that whooping cough would be a tough thing for a CFer to get, and since even vaccinated kids can get it, I imagine some of you have had to deal with this one. How did it go? If you have non-CF kids who got it, how did it differ for them? I'm learning as much as I can about the...
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    Need help and advice for our 11 week old with CF

    Hi, Our daughter has been diagnosed with CF (no bloodwork yet), and has been given Vit A,C, and D (E still to come), Sodium Chloride, and now the enzymes with apple sauce. She's also currently on Augmentin and I've added an infant-friendly pro-biotic. We've started to get the hang of syringing...